RECORD SCORES FOR WEDNESDAY 10-22-14 . Some noteworthy accomplishments from today

October 22, 2014

Joe M.  gets on top of the leaderboard with a 225 Row total, eclipsing Clark by a narrow 5 calories!  Jill lead the girls with 167, or just over 33 per round.

Bob F. linked two bar muscle-ups together, which makes me pretty damn jealous.

And on a different but related note: Recently on a routine blood test, one of our members had a cholesterol number that would be cause for alarm among practitioners of conventional medicine.  However, the more relevant follow up Coronary Artery Calcium Test came back showing ZERO calcium deposits.   As some of you are aware, one of the main objections to the moderate to high fat, moderate to high protein, low to zero grain diet that CrossFit is commonly associated with (Whether it’s called Paleo, Primal, The Zone, Grain is the Devil, Etc) especially from the medical community, is the amount of foods these diets advocate in spite of their potential to raise cholesterol.  More recent and/or relevant nutritional science has largely debunked cholesterol level as a reliable marker of CV health, but some PA’s and MD’s still cling.  Anyway,  this member’s results were no surprise but it was a refreshing confirmation of what Primal Dieter’s would claim, and nice to see within our own membership.

If you have questions please see me,  I don’t claim to be qualified to tell you how to eat to address a specific medical condition,  BUT I can give you some good resources to examine. Starting here:


KrossFit Olde Skool

Strength 1- 4×5 Pullups for load.  Strength2- 3×5 Bent Row for completion.  Work- 21-15 -9 Snatches, Bar Facing Burpees. Snatch weight @ 21’s= 95/65, @ 15’s=115/80,  @ 9=’s 135/95.

Open Prep

Wednesday- 5 Rounds for time – Row 20 Calories, 15 Bench Press 135/85.  Skill Work



  1. I did Wednesday’s WOD today. 17:18 rx.
    fyi… the 21 otb burpees are a massive suckfest.

    Brock, this is a good couplet and you should remember to program it in the future if we do any competitions.

    • Thanks! As you can see, tried it out myself. I agree. It came together pretty well.

  2. Pullups @ BW(190) +53×5, +70×5 (pr), +60x5x2. total 5015. 21-15-9 Snatch/barf burpees in 10:57.

  3. PU 20@grey assist. Same as last week.

    17:05 scaled weight 95,105,115.

  4. pullups: 5 @ bw, 5 @ +5lbs, 5 @ +7.5lbs, 4 @ +10lbs
    work @ 50/60/70 lb snatch: 11:50

  5. pullups, last week 228 X’s 20

    this week 238 X’s 20 (25,20lb vest) Total 4,70 BW of 191-92

    WOD RX 95,115,135 in 14:54…limiting factor was actually upper glutes/hips/ITB area from yesterdays row I believe. Happy to finish RX though!

  6. PU 172+38×15, 32×5….Wod 14:28(75,85,95)

  7. Pull-ups 4×5 – BW (230#) using one red band

    WOD in 13:37
    Snatches at 75#/85#/95#

  8. Pull-ups +1 x 14, +2 x 1
    WOD: 10:42

  9. Ring dips and ring pull ups 4×5
    Different WOD: sub T2B and 2xweighted jump rope for cleans- 9:09

  10. I did SP today instead of pullups
    80, 85, 90, x5 95 x 3

    WOD 12:23 rx, except I stepped over the bar instead of jumping, d/t my knee issues. Don’t know that it made a difference because my knee hurt like hell last night at the restaurant, all through the night and now even this morning. It was worth it- I did way better at that work out than I thought I would!

  11. Open WOD 84 reps. Blew through the first round in 1:26. way to fast. Burn out in the 135’s when I still had the strength to get to 155

  12. PU- 7BW+2.5lb, 5BW(126), 8+1band

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