2 Local Comps – 1 is tomorrow!

October 25, 2014

Tomorrow, our friends at Reignited are having a fund raiser to benefit a charity called “The Raider Project”.  It’s a fun looking long-ish chipper that has heats mostly all day with food by Mission BBQ.  2 Person teams mixed or same gender.  Details were released kind of late, so if you want to get in on things act fast.  There’s a link HERE.

On Dec. 6th,  CF Wilmington reprises THE SANDSTORM.  We sent 3 teams of 4 last year,  all rx-d but there are scaled divisons as well.  The events are slowly being released and thus far we only know that the first one is a two rep max Back Squat. Count on at least 2 medium length metcons that demand some measure of communication and labor division. Last year I built teams from interested parties. This year I leave that task up to you.   I can’t compete due to my likely knee surgery, Whitney is out as well, BUT  I’d love to send a team or more, so check your schedules and consider.  No links yet, but soon to follow.


One comment

  1. Sandstorm was a lot of fun last year! I really encourage you guys to get a team together and give it a try…even if you have never competed before. Team competitions are a blast. If you are afraid to drag your team down because you can’t do certain things yet, you a) have over a month to work on it and b) have teammates that may have other strengths then you. Hense why Adelynn and I were teamed up together. Post here if you are interested but are in need of team mates.

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