AGAIN– NO 6PM! Halloween Night! Also Contest info for NEXT Saturday, 11/8/14

November 1, 2014

Don’t come at 6.  No one will be here.

Open Gym is Sat 10-12

NEXT SATURDAY-  That’s November 8th from 9-11.   We’ll have our 2nd in-house only (only cfcb Members, not other gyms) competition.  This will be MIXED GENDER teams of two.  That means 1 Female and 1 Male.  We are going to go back to the roots of CrossFit comps and make everything unknown and unknowable, including your teammate.  I won’t pick, it’ll be random draw.  This will demand some communication and thinking on the fly.   Events will either self scale (for example “find your 3rm deadlift’ self scales) or will be achievable to MOST.  The possibility exists that even if you can’t do a certain action, your partner can.  I won’t announce events but I will announce minimum competencies, as in “all athletes must be able to clean 95/65” etc.

As was the case last month, emphasis is on fun, but movements will be held to competition standards.  Anyone interested in competing now or in the future is encouraged to participate.  Anyone interested in watching people suffer is encouraged to come judge.


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