WOD for Friday 11-7-14 Event 3 for Saturday Announced. PLEASE RSVP IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.

November 7, 2014

First,  any athletes attending Saturday, please let me know in the COMMENTS section as soon as possible.  In other words, don’t wait till tomorrow’s score to let me know you plan on coming.  No need to tell me if you are unavailable.

Below is the third event, and the format I’m leaning towards is allowing the teams to complete the first three wods in any order at any time within a given time frame (like an hour).  The final event will be a multi station chipper, on the long side of 20-25 minutes that will either have everyone participating at once or maybe two heats at the most.  This will up the drama a little bit.  We’ll see what turnout is and play that by ear.  So the day would look something like this

9am- Athlete Briefing, wods explained.

9:15 to 10:15 Wods A. B and C performed and scored.

10:15 to 10:30 Final WOD set-up and explained.

10:30 to 11 Final Wod.

Shit be gettin real,  like the Kidz say.  You will have a good time.  Guaranteed, or your entry fee will be fully refunded.

Event 3-Shoulder Press 5 rep Max followed immediately thereafter (10 seconds) by a max length static hold, chin above the bar.  Score is lbs on the bar + seconds held over the bar.  Teams have a collective 6 minutes for both athletes to complete both elements.

Platinum Elite CF

Strength 1- Bench Press 4×3 for load.

Strength 2- Max Effort Close Grip Pushups (strictest standard you can sustain for 10 reps)


A) 5 Minute AMRAP  50 Heavy Rope Singles, 10 Lunges

Rest 5

B) 5 Minute Amrap  50 Russian KB Swings (eye level), 10 Lunges

Open Prep

5×3 FS  and SP  peak

Make your non peak sets as heavy or as light as you deem wise.  If you feel decent, go heavier, if you’re beat up, take it easy.

Skill development-  Kipping HSPU’s  Video Here.

Work- Amrap in 8 minutes  30 Doubles, 20 Box Jumps (stepups), 10 Burpees

Shoulder Prehab to finish.



  1. I am there. Duh.

  2. I will be there.

  3. I will be there – Andrea

  4. I’m in

  5. Oh shit count me in! Max rep overhead presses???!

    y’all gon make me lose my mind up in there up in there!
    Y’all gonna make me lose my cool up in there up in there!

    Y’all gonna make me act the fool up in there up in there!

    Spoken in the truest words of DMX…so now if you don’t know…NOW YOU KNOW!

  6. I’m in

  7. Bench: 1,230 3×105, 110, 115, 2×120
    Rope: 410
    KB: 141

    • Come on, Jill! Call in sick on Saturday!

      • Wish I could… Continuing ed 😐

  8. I’m in for saturday

  9. Bench 1230, 2 sets at 100, 2 sets at 105
    KB = 2 rounds plus 40 = 160
    Rope = 5 rounds even = 300

  10. Bench – 3×85, 5×90, 3×85 – 960
    1st – rope/lunge 5 rnds+42=342
    2nd – kb/lunge 2 rnds +26=146

  11. Bench Press

    Brock calls it close grip, I feel like its my normal grip – 12 X’s 245 total 2940

    WOD 350 rope 138 KB

  12. CGBP: 85×3, 90×3, 95×2, 90×3 = 985

    rope/lunge: 5 rnds + 40 = 340 (I think, forgot what I put on the board)
    kb/lunge: 2 rnds + 45 = 165

  13. Cgbp 190, 195, 195, 190=2,310
    Heavy rope/lunges 372
    Russian kb/lunges 146rx

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