Thursday’s WOD. 6 am Mayhem! Raffle tix on sale NOW. Help a dog!

November 13, 2014

First and foremost apologies to the *16* people at 6am, none of whom got nearly the attention I’d like to give you. That was the biggest class we’ve ever seen (by 3 people) since we opened our doors in 2010. It was a bad combination of technical wod, multiple weight adjustments, big crowd and a variety of experience levels. By no means is it anyone’s fault except my own. We are not equipped nor do we have the space to accommodate 16 people in a barbell based workout. We’ve always maintained an “any member at any class” policy” with no advance notice (as opposed to a beginner’s or advanced class or a sign-up ahead of time) and we will try to stick to it, if we need more equipment we’ll pick some up. That said, there were 2 people at 7 am….

I liked the 21-15-9 snatch/burpee wod, and it works just as well after back squats, so anyone who didn’t get to perform it on Wednesday, you are encouraged to do so during the work portion of Thursday’s class, as opposed to what’s listed below.

CrossFit Tradionale’
Strength 1- Back Squat 4×3 for peak. Watch your depth. Strength 2- Front Squat 4×3. Tempo Controlled at 2-2-2-2 Work- 10-9-8 down to 1 of Cleans (G2Shoulder) @ 155/105. 1 Rope Climb between every round. Every break in the set of cleans costs 1 additional rope climb. (Compare to 10-1-14 and 10-22-14)

Open Prep
Against a 12 Minute clock — 10 Snatches, 10 Hang Cleans, 10 Jerks. First round 95/65, Second Round 115/80, Third Round, 135, 95, 4th Round 155/110.

In conjunction with the Second Start Fundraiser, we are raffling off 3 items

1) 1 Free Month of CFCB ($125 value) for members.
2) 1 Free Bag of Progenex, your choice on the flavor. ($60 value)
3) 1 Free pair of FOUNDATIONS sessions ($50 value) that you could give as a gift or convert to a 45 minute Personal Training session.

1 ticket for $1
6 for $5
12 for $10
30 for $20

Money goes towards a rescue group called Urgent Dogs of Columbus County Animal Shelter. CC Shelter is the opposite of a no kill shelter, more like a rapid kill shelter, so the need is urgent. Please consider participating in the workout, the raffle or both. I wont be taking straight up donations as I hate hate asking for money, but I’d like to think the raffle prizes would be of value to most of you.



  1. Open WOD #1 73 RX
    Open WOD #2 14:53 RX

    • Wednesday WOD

  2. Bs 225, 245, 265, 285
    Wod 15:33rx 2 drops

    Previously 12:22 at 135 on 10-2-14

  3. BS 295 peak
    Did yesterday’s WOD.

  4. Peak BS: 185 (test in 1 rep max)

    work: 54 reps @ 80lbs, rope rx (previous 12:55@65lbs)

  5. Peak BS: 190
    WOD: 15:58 with one arm KB snatches instead of cleans. Last time finished set of 3s at 15 min

  6. Peak BS: 192

    14:98 at 105 and scaled rope. Several penalties. Like a lot.

  7. FS peak 195….Wod 14:49 @ 115lbs

    185, 200, 205 x 2, 195

    WOD 21-15-9 snatches/ burpees
    Rx until I got to number 6 or 7 of the 9 and had to decrease to 85# 😦 . Oh, and they all looked like crap form-wise. That workout is hard. It’s bad when my rest is burpees. Dear lord.

  9. Andrea
    WOD 10 snatches/10 hang cleans/10 jerks 12 min cap
    65/80/95/100 – 83 reps Rx (I think)

    I was really excited to have gotten through the 10 snatches at 95, since that was my one rep max! Anything after that, was a bonus. Anyway, it was only after I left that I realized that my snatches may have been at 90. Honestly can’t remember if is had 2.5s on the end or 5s. I’m pretty bummed. Oh well

    • You looked like a fucking boss today!

  10. 21-15-9 cleans in 10:23 @ 50/60/70. Should have gone a little heavier, but I’ve missed so many weeks I was trying to ease back into a routine.

    I have three blankets to donate to the shelter. Do you think they can use them Brock?
    I will buy some raffle tickets too.

  11. BS- 120, 125, 130, 135 peak=135

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