WOD for Monday 11-17-14

November 17, 2014

Both tracks, this is your last week of Strength Bias. We test out next week and change our focus to a more broad based set of goals. Skill development in some of the more complex or difficult movements gets front-burnered. If you struggle with double unders, toes to bar, kipping pullups, olympic movements handstands etc, the next month will have periods designated specifically to addressing and improving those skills. The front and overhead squat will appear more often, and the backsquat will frequency will drop. Deadlift will be largely replaced by the clean and the strict shoulder press will reduce in favor of the push and split jerk. Now that you are (theoretically) stronger, we put that strength to the test in the more difficult (and in some cases more practical) movements. That said, this final week is still strength priority.

Open Prep- we reduce your total workload by 2 sets.

FS 3×3 Across
SP 3×3 Across

Strength 2- 3×1 At 102-107% of Strength 1.

Strength- Deadlift 4×3 for peak
Strength 2- Prone Cobra 3×8 at 1-2-1-1

Work- Both groups

Tabata Intervals 20 on 10 off x 8 cycles

Crossover Pushups



  1. OPEN WORKOUT : F/S 245X3X3=2205
    Heavy singles F/S 255x1x2
    Tabata Intervals 20 on 10 off x 8 cycles

    JumpSquats. 66
    Doubleunders. 140
    Crossover Pushups. 46
    I’m disappointed in my low scores.

  2. In this order- Heavy rope–295, xover Pushups 64, Jump squats 109. No prior weightlifting for me. Deads yesterday 365×3, 405×3, 430 miss, 405 miss, 365×3. Pullups BW+ clothes/belt/shoes 196. +53 or 249×3, +70 or 266×3, +80 or 276×3 (pr), +53 or 249×3. Good pullup day, horrendous deadlifts.

  3. Peak DL: 215lbs – 1 rep max test-in

    in order:
    DUs: 130
    crossover PU: 45
    JS: 98

    legs are now jello

  4. Peak DL set of 3 was 320…bummed, I thought I had 325 on there…last week was 320 too. I could’ve done 5-10 more on a 4th set, but I wasnt feeling up to it.

    Tabata In this order…

    Double Unders- 121
    Crossovers- 60
    Jumpsquats- 80

    Felt like I had another 30-40 Doubles in me but my shorts kept feeling like they were about to fall off.

    Felt sick for a good bit afterwards.

  5. Squats: total fail. 215×2, 212×2, 210×2. Then did 215×1, 220×1,215×1
    Shoulder press: 115x3x3 then 120×1, 122x1x2
    WOD: doubles 177, Crossover PU 57, jump squats: 104

  6. What a crappy gym day.
    Deadlift 1 set at 235, tried 255, 245, fail,fail.
    back twinge- so I just stopped. I HATE that I keep getting these annoying little injuries.

    Work squats (not jumping, knee) 111
    Crossover pushups 46, double unders (yes I jumped because I am sick of not doing du’s ever because I’m not supposed to jump) 90.
    Guess I’ll just try again tomorrow. So frustrating.

  7. Made this up on Tuesday 11/18

    Sumo deadlift 245- stoked!!!!

    Jump squats 107
    DUs 181
    Crossover Push-ups a measly 40

  8. DL peak 200

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