Schedule for the Week. Half Decathlon Chipper announced.

November 24, 2014

This week will be unusual in term of scheduling. You will have a lot of latitude in terms of what and when. Listed below are some suggested WODs for the week that will bridge us into the next month of programming.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the schedule is normal with testing out being your priority. Your WODS on thos 3 days are any of the following:

3 sets of:
Airdyne for max distance in 3 minutes
rest 1 min between efforts
Do not perform prior to your squat max test.

7 minute AMRAP of
7 thrusters @ 65/50#
4 pull-ups (men c2b)

250m row
4 rounds of
5 KBS (2.0/1.5 pd)
5 burpees
250m row

Build to a max power clean in 8 minutes:
Rest 2 minutes to change loads
Max rep power cleans in 8 minutes @ 90% of above.
Do not perform before deadlift max test.

So your day m-t-w might be 1 max test, 1 wod. Maybe monday you do 3 tests, tuesday 2 wods, wednesday 2 tests etc. The strength test-outs should be your priority.

Thursday- Thanksgiving we are running a Platinum CF edition of our half decathlon. 2 Half decathons, one right after the other. One giant chipper and it goes a lil sum’in like this:

For time
500 m row
400 m run
30- calories AD
200 Heavy Jump Ropes
100 Step-ups to the tire
5000/4000 Lbs of deadlift
4000/3000 lbs of back squats
3000/2000 lbs of KB Swings
2000/1000 lbs of S2O
1000/500 lbs of rope climbs

Now, that sounds like crazy loads but we will have multiple bars set up at different weights allowing you to pick your poison. For example 5000 lbs of deadlift turns into 19 reps at 275 (or what competitors did unbroken at the Master’s Series garage games event) or 23 reps at 225 or 27 reps at 185. Rope climbs is 1000/500 divided by your bodyweight. This will be an awesome start to your gluttony.

Friday am classes cancelled. 1, 5 and 6pm all intact.

December’s programming is going to be widely varied with different energy systems taxed depending on the day. Details at the end of this week. As of January, programming will pivot towards the specific tools and timeframes tested in the CF Open.

Holiday, then Diet Contest around the corner, then The Open. It’s gonna be a busy and eventful couple of months!



  1. YES!!!! This all all sounds fantastic!!!

    • What time Thursday?

    • That was jade 🙂

      • Ps. Whomever the other anynomous person is, it said 9-11 on the board. I hope that is still the time!

  2. The chipper sounds awesome even though the phrases ‘half decathlon’ and ‘two half decathlons’ makes my head want to explode.

  3. SP- 70 up from 67. PR is 72
    DL – 200 up from 190. PR is 230.
    Interestingly both PR happened when I was pregnant. Hmm

    Greg we need to give the pull-up another go!

  4. DL – 225 up from 215

    SP – 100 up from 80 (but PR was 92 at one point)

  5. SP in 190 out 195 5lbs 2.6% (200 PR)
    Pull Up. In 275 out 292 17 lbs 6% 292 PR

  6. DL in 200 out 220
    SP in 65 out 73

  7. DL- 150 up from 80
    SP: 75 up from 50

    • Great progress. First time % jumps are usually big, but these are good even in context. Keep it up!

  8. I did sumo deadlift yesterday at open gym. Tested in at 245 and out at 275. I haven’t worked deadlift since before my shoulder surgery in August of 2013. My very very very old PR was 265 so I am EXTREMELY happy.

  9. SP in 145, SP out 160 = 10% increase
    BP in 225, BP out 245 = 9% increase

  10. Sp in 160 out 165
    Pullup in 273 out 286 for bw + 108

  11. Deadlift: in 215 – out 235 (PR 245 – total fluke that day)
    SP: in 75 – out 85 (PR 85 – back in May 2013)

    I’m happy with these numbers even though they are not PRs. During this strength session I was on 4 tennis teams and trained for a 1/2 marathon so I was not very consistent with strength training.

    • Pullup: in bw @ 136 + 25lbs – out bw @ 138 + 30lbs – PR (previous was +28)

      CGBP: in 100 – out 115 – PR (previous was 105)
      comically failed at 120

      • BS: in 185 – out 205 (previous PR is 230)
        I did not start the 1 rep max until 10/9.

  12. DL 365 in 365 out …..SP 105 in 135 out(PR is 140)…… Disappointed with the DL / shoulder was hurt at the beginning of the strength cycle so pretty ease with the strength gain here

  13. Shoulder press: in 120. Out 127. (New PR)
    WOD: row, burpee/KB, row – 4:12

  14. Andrea
    Front squat: in 155; out 175 (pr)
    Snatch: in 90; out 95 (pr)

  15. BP 90 in 100 out. pr before was 90, so banner day.
    i did the death bike. that is all.

  16. Front Squats: came in at 285 went out at 275. Brock last saw 275 completed. Failed at 300 & 290.

  17. Pull up:

    IN: BW of 144.5+17.5=162lbs
    OUT: BW of 147.0+38= 185lbs

    I am excited about that! Haven’t work on pullups AT ALL since my shoulder surgery.

    Shoulder Press:

    Blah as always:
    IN: 97lbs
    OUT: 100lbs

  18. BP: in 90, out 92 (PR) Didn’t do bench at all this session so I’ll take it.

    Pull-ups. I don’t want to talk about it. Pretty much every pull-up I’ve ever done is a no rep because I can’t pull-up without moving my legs.

  19. DL in 355, DL out 325 = -8.5% …chose standing upright over gain
    PU in 247, PU out 262 = +6%

  20. Back squat 185
    Bench 115

    Didn’t test into either of these, but both are PRs from previous numbers, so yay.

    Then did the row/kb/burpee in 5:10

    • AND you kicked ass in your first 5k just two days ago. Banner week so far! So impressed

      • Thanks Kate!
        Glad I have you to push me – and chase 🙂

      • Do you two want to do the Carolina beach trail run race on Saturday with me?

      • I would love to but we will be out of town.

      • I can’t swing it this time, Jacqui but let me know next time you are doing one!

    • amazeballs tough girl!

  21. SP I didn’t work on this but got a PR at 80 today (last 75) so yay.
    pullups at 2 bands instead of 3. i think i gained about 12 lbs during this cycle (thank you fucknut of a thyroid) so I’ll take that as improvement on the whole.

  22. PU- in BW+7.5 out BW +12.5
    BS- in 135 out 155

  23. Deadlift 435pr, but shy of 455 which was goal. 455 is the weight necessary to complete the Benchmark Wod KING KONG as rxd. (3 rft 1 dl@ 455, 2Muscleups, 3 Squat cleans @250, 4 HSPU’s). Pullups 299 or BW + 104. Bodyweight+ 100 was goal, so this was pretty good until several other people did BW+100, all of whom were lighter than me. Shoulder Press 182. PR by 5 lbs. Thank the Good God Almighty. Shoulder press improves my ounces, if at all. I did a lot of xtra work in the top half of the range, working my sticking point and it paid off. Still well below BW of 195, and BW SP is a long term goal. Bench and FS remain.

  24. BS
    IN: 210
    OUT: 225

    Workout C: 4:41

  25. FS in 225, out 235.
    AD WOD 3.25

  26. Andrea
    Shoulder press: in 90; out 108.5
    Pull ups: in BW(150) +22; out BW(150) +27.5 but had to leave before getting to a failing point

  27. Pullups bw+20
    I can’t find where I tested in, but my last PR was bw+20 (at probably 5 lbs lighter – oops). The diet contest is calling my name.

  28. 1RM November 2014

    Bench 285 no gain
    Back squat 345 9.5% gain
    Pull-up BW (245) + 32=277 11% gain
    SP 205 10.8% gain
    DL intentionally omitted from cycle

    1RM September 2014

    Bench 285
    Back squat 315
    Pull-up BW +5
    SP 185
    DL 385

    June 2014

    Bench 265
    Back squat 255
    Pull-up 1 red assist
    SP 185
    DL 335

    • Great job

      • Good record keeping Jason! And great improvement! very cool.

  29. pull-ups: +2 (very disappointed as this is where I tested in)

    Gives me motivation though… I will do a pull-up!!!

  30. Body weight
    In 187
    Out 181

    In 140
    Out 165
    +25 lbs

    In 225
    Out 265
    +40 lbs

    In 245 (BW 187, +58 lbs)
    Out 263 (BW 181, +82 lbs)
    +18 lbs (+24 lbs if difference in BW included)
    +7.3% (+9.8%)

    Lower back injury in first week of cycle prevented me from pursuing deadlifts and back squats this cycle which I hope to tackle next time. Overall, loss of body weight and strength GAINZ.


  31. Bench- in 87 out 105

  32. Clean WOD. 30 @ 160 lbs. max 175. Had a hard time doing power clean.

  33. Metcons from the last 4 days- Thruster/c2b Pullups in 7 minutes 110 reps or 10 rds. Greg B beat me by 5 reps. Airdyne 3 on 1 off x 3 3.35 miles. max cleans in 8 mins @ 90% of 1 rm = 28 @ 185. BUT, I called my max 205 which was probably too low. My knee has not been subjected to the fast lifts for a few months and I am proceeding cautiously (commence “chicken” noises)

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