Thanksgiving Day “STUFFINGBUSTER” chipper details.

November 27, 2014

Two, 1/2 decathlons. 1 score. 9 am to 11am.

500 row, 400 run 30 airdyne calories, 200 heavyrope singles, 100 steups
5000/4000 lbs of deadlift, 4000/3000 lbs of back squats, 3000/2000 lbs shoulder to overhead, 2000/1000 lbs KB swings, 1000/500 lbs of rope climbs

Athlete briefings at 9, 930, 10 and 1030. Heats roughly every 5-10 minutes.

The first half is fairly standard issue and shouldn’t confuse too many of you. The second portion of the StuffingBuster will have multiple options for you, the athlete to choose among. For example, for the 5k/4k deadlift we will have bars loaded at 275, 225, 185 and 135 and will have noted the repetitions necessary on each bar to achieve the required total.

Athletes will count and judge their own reps. Family fitness and fun, yea. Guests are welcome and there is no charge, but we ask all guests to sign a waiver and non-crossfitters to restrict themselves to the first half of the double 1/2 decathlon (row, run, bike, jump rope step up).



  1. Good luck to everyone doing the stuffing buster. Brutal!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks Brock!
    1st half 11:35
    Final 23:43

    Dl @185
    Bs @ 135
    S2o @ 115
    Kb @ 53

  3. 27:26 First half at 12:50. Deads at 275, Squats @ 135 S20 at 135 KB 53 6 ropes. I really cratered in the squat/S20/KB portion. I need to do this again. I was early poorly fueled, not warmed up, fatigued from the prior day or just not as fit as I need to be. This was a poor effort.

  4. Great day, appreciate all you do Brock!
    Great program would not mind doing it again one day…
    Took way too long on the rope climb at the end

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