Record your Strength Bias Numbers HERE please. Fall 2014.

December 1, 2014

Please take the time to record your strength numbers for our last Strength Bias Cycle. Then, when your phone crashes and/or you lose your notebook, your records are preserved in the cloud. It’s also helpful for me to see where you’re on track and where you’re weak.

In a perfect world you’d record the lift, the test in weight, the test out weight, and anything relevant. “I got ebola from weeks 4- 8” or “Squat Moved up through the 8’s and 5’s but then plateaued during the 3’s” or “I went to Italy then Israel so could hardly ever lift” etc etc. Please see my legit examples below.

Brock Wilson. Age 43. Bodyweight 195. 6 ft (on a good day) Male.

deadlift- Test in at 405, test out at 435. Prior PR was 427. Felt good about my progress, but wanted 455, the rxd weight for KING KONG.

SHoulder press- Test in at 165. test out at 182. PR 177. test in was artifically low, but happy to PR at 182. I stall VERY high in the rep. Extra attention to that specific weakness, particularly the top 1/2 work we did, helped a lot.

Pullup- BW 195 + 102 = 197. 102 is a PR. Felt good. Prior PR was +90.

FS- Tested out at 215. arthritic knee pulled the trigger for me. No test-in #. Lifetime PR is 300#.

CG Bench- Tested out at 245. PR is only 255. Did not prioritize this lift, so this # is OK, in light of the SP improvement.




    Marcos 38, 5’9.5, BW fluctuating between 191-195.

    DEADLIFT- Came in at 310 tested out at 345 increase of 11%.

    I am very happy with this progress. Previously my 1RM ever was 315. This was my first time doing (for me) heavy DL’s since back surgery and I felt stronger than ever. I maybe had another 10-15 lbs in me but I was not trying to go to failure here.

    SHOULDER PRESS- came in at 200 test out at 210 plus 5%.

    Satisfied? I am happy with a 210 lb shoulder press all day, but I would have like to have seen a little bigger increase.

    PULLUPS- came in BW 192 1RM of 263, test out 284 plus 21 lbs or just about an 8% increase.

    Goal was plus 100…8 lbs short, This is my least fave of all.

    FRONT SQUAT- tested in at 265, tested out at 306 (possibly had more in me) 15% increase.

    Happy with this, my goal was 300… NAILED IT!

    BENCH PRESS: Test in 270, test out 275. Miniscule increase, disappointed. I think I must have trained too low the whole time….would like to one day be at 300 but would have been happy here with 10%

    Overall I am happy with my performance over this cycle. I feel stronger than ever. Dealt with some nagging hand pain for most of the cycle which I feel interfered with my SP,BP,and PU numbers. Time to heal up!

  2. Jeff Kapusta
    Male, 38, 5′ 10″, BW 175

    While I was pleased with a few of my lifts, my 2014 world tour definitely got in the way of a few PR’s. I also tweaked my back at the beginning of the cycle which greatly limited my deadlift and back squat.

    DEADLIFT-In at 305. Out at DNF.
    I was doing sets of 3 at 315 which is still quite low considering a year ago my 1rm was 385.

    BACK SQUAT-In at 305. Out DNF.
    I intentionally switched from low bar to high bar for this cycle. It was an adjustment that drove my weight down but the real limiting factor was my back.

    SHOULDER PRESS-In 160. Out 165
    My goal is to press my body weight. Unfortunately, my body weight outpaced my strength.

    PULLUP-In 273. Out 286
    I tested in at +99. My goal was to exceed 100. The day I tested I weighed 178. I am very pleased to get +108.

    CLOSE GRIP BENCH-In 210. Out 225.
    While this is a low number for most guys I was thrilled to get what equates to 2 plates!

    There you have it! I also am a gemini, I enjoy walks on the beach, a warm blanket and the latest crossfit gimmick.

  3. OK, I will put it here too!
    Female, 38, 5’10”, 145 lbs

    Deadlift – In at 255 out at 275 (went up easy but failed at 280)

    Backsquat – In at 175 out at 185 (felt good, should have gone for more)

    Pullups – In at BW + 45 out at BW + 50 (disappointed by this one, the vest got in the way of my attempts…)

    Shoulder Press- In at 105 out at 110. (Happy with this, but my form could use some work!)

    Bench – did not test in and missed several Fridays. Last strength cycle test out was 127. Tested out this time at 125.

  4. Brad
    Male, 52, 5’10”, 188lbs

    Deadlift: In 305 out at 335 +30. Could have do a bit more with less back fatigue.

    BackSquat: In at 185 out at 235. Not a back squatter but happy I beat my bench press wt.

    PullUps: In BW+40, out BW+50.

    Shldr Press: In at 130 Out at 140.

    Bench Press: In at 195 out at 225

    Should have been a bit better during testing week – recovering from off week.

  5. Kate, 37, female, weight 125 @ start, 120 at the end

    DL – in 190, out 200. PR – 230. Goal – double bodyweight. Happy it’s moving in the right direction, this used to be a strength of mine but I haven’t recovered it since having Henry last December.

    SP- in 67, out 70. PR is 72. Always a weakness.

    Pull-ups – in +20, out no repped on all attempts. This how I’ve always done my pull-ups so this is very frustrating.

    BS – mostly skipped. Stayed light. No test in or test out. I usually test in at 125 and test out at 140

    BP- in at 90, out at 92. Took Friday’s off most weeks

    I wasn’t too focused this strength session. I ran my first half marathon and PR’d my 5k by over a minute so I was much more focused on running. Also my attendance was not as consistent. Generally I’m pleased that my strength went up while my weight went down and my running speed increased.

    And just to record it:
    Clean- max 105
    Snatch – 65 pretty, 70 ugly
    Jerk- 95

  6. Zack
    27 male, 6’0″, weight 187 lbs in and 181 lbs out

    In 345 – was it worth it? No. I suffered a pretty bad lower back injury getting this PR (never tested 1RM before). I mostly limited/modified any lifts that required major lower back muscles the rest of the cycle. I did not test out. I hope to get back to it next cycle as DL’s are one of my favorite lifts.

    In 140, out 165. Gain of 25 lbs (+17.8%). This was also a PR but I have never really done this lift before. I mostly did a seated dumbbell press before joining this gym. My goal was 170 which I based off of how my 5- and 3-reps were going. Still got a ways to go for that body weight SP.

    In 245 (BW 187, +52 lbs)
    Out 263 (BW 181, +82 lbs)
    Due to my loss of 6 lbs in body weight, the change could be calculated as a strict +18 lbs gain (+7.3%) or by factoring in the body weight change as +24 lbs (+9.8%). Bigger numbers = better feels, so I’ll go with the later. PR again, but never tested it.

    Did not test in or out this cycle due to lower back injury. Lower weight reps during the Saturday morning team comp felt fine so I will not hesitate to jump in again in the future.

    In 225, out 265. Gain of 40 lbs (+17.8%). If I recall correctly, my PR was 260 in college so I’ll take this new PR! My goal was 270 which again I based on how my 5- and 3-reps were going so I just missed it.

    Overall, I’m very pleased with my gains during this cycle and the PR’s. Looking forward to getting back into DL and BS since my back has healed.

  7. Jacqui, 41 female, 5’3″, 138lbs (this has fluctuated from 133-140)

    DL: in 215, out 235, PR 245
    I’m happy with the progress on this one. I’m typically hesitant on heavy weights with deadlifts.

    SP: in 75, out 85, PR 85
    Having chronic shoulder pain and the inability to put my shoulder in certain positions, this will always be a weakness for me. However, my serve is stronger than it ever has been, so I’ll keep pushing through the pain.

    PU: in +25, out +30, new PR
    I do chinups to protect my shoulder. This is my favorite strength portion!

    BS: in 185, out 205 – PR 230
    I did not test in until 10/9 due to running schedule.

    CGBP: in 100, out 115 – new PR
    I grip super close, inside the break in the bar. This is the best position that doesn’t hurt.

    Overall, this was a good strength session for me. I ran my 1st half-marathon and was on 4 different tennis teams. My schedule was insanely crazy and I had 0 rest days for 9 straight weeks with many days doubling up on something. My shoulder paid for it in the end and I had to take 3 weeks off from any shoulder press. One would think my weight would have also decreased, but it’s football season and I have a weakness for beer!

  8. Bob, 26 days from 50, 5′-9” with perfect posture, weight 172lbs (up & down from 170 to 175 throughout the cycle)

    DL: 365lbs in & 365lbs out (very disappointed)

    SP: 105lbs in & 135lbs out (shoulder has been sore all year and is finally feeling better so I was somewhat pleased with this progress) (PR is 140lb)

    FS: 215lbs in & did not test out (sick all last week) Peak 3 rep max was 195lbs) (knees have been very sore also)

    PU: +63lbs in & did not test out (sick all last week) Peak set 3 rep max was 63lb (made some progress)

    Did not do any Bench Press because of shoulder.

    Highlight was that I got bar muscle-ups during this cycle!!!

  9. Jade: 31 y/o Female, almost 5’4″ and weight was 144 at the start and 147 at the end.


    IN: 245 OUT: 275 **New PR

    I choose to Sumo Deadlift with the only reason being the upcoming wedding and I sometimes get nervous with standard deadlift and back injury. I have NEVER had a back injury due to it… but for some reason my was mind fucking myself.

    My old PR was last year before my shoulder surgery (8/2013). I haven’t worked deadlift at all since then. I would have been happy with 265 again, really wanted to get 270 and was stoked to get 275. I actually did the lift and hitched and after Brock told me not to count it. I revved myself up again and did a “legit” lift (on a video for proof!!) Very excited about this.


    IN: 97 OUT: 100

    After week 1 I switched to dumbbells for weeks 2-7 due to continued shoulder issues. I wasn’t expecting much increase here so I am fine with that number. My old PR was 105 but that only happened once and never again. It was in my glory days- Ade and I in Myrtle Beach for the Garage Games.

    PULL UP:

    IN: BW of 144.5 + 117.5 = 162.0
    OUT: BW of 147.0 + 38 = 185.0

    I am stoked about this and believe it is a new PR for a strict pull-up. I actually an over under grip. I knew I would have a pretty decent jump with this because I have avoided pull-ups since my shoulder surgery. I just had a feeling my strength would build up fast if I focused on it.


    IN: 210 OUT: 225

    I am not so happy with this number. My old PR is 225 (I think). You would think that after the trail my legs would be stronger, but they aren’t. I had some decent weeks, but I also struggled with this lift during several weeks. I was hoping for 235. I tried several times on max out day and just couldn’t budge it. I always feel more secure in a safety rack.


    IN: 127 OUT: 135

    This is always an “iffy” lift for me. I was happy with this number. I struggled the last 3 weeks with this so I was surprised with the outcome.

    *************I love strength cycles. They keep me motivated. Thanks Brock!

  10. 34, 5’6.5″, 183
    BS 145 to 160
    Pu BB to 3LP
    SP 70 to 82
    BP 80 to 97
    DL 185 to ? Didn’t test out

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