Some small additions to WOD for Tuesday 12/2 and some BIG congrats are due!

December 2, 2014

8 cycles- 5 Fast KB Swings, 5 Squat Jumps, 20 Seconds Heavyrope. rest 3 mins
Then- Skill development- Double Unders

Gold Group
8 cycles- 5 Hang Power Snatches @ Medium load, 5 Squat Jumps, 20-30 DoubleUnders rest 3 mins
Then- Skill Development- Muscle Ups

NOTE: 5 Squat Jumps have been added. These are MAX EFFORT, as high as possible jumps. These wods are not scored so you lose no time by jumping high, please do so.

Double Under Videos 2 minutes from Spealler HERE and 3 Minutes Mikko Sallo HERE.

Muscle Up Videos HERE 6.5minutes/Gymnastics bias and muscle up drills HERE Khalipa Muscleups HERE.

In other news, you may be aware of CrossFit’s rumored detrimental effect on relationships. One partner (usually the woman, in my experience) gets stronger, more confident, dare I say empowered, and begins to resent her slothful, cheeto-eating, Deadliest Catch Watching, slack-jawed husband/boyfriend. They begin to second guess their commitment to this sedentary wimp, questions about his capacity to endure suffering and hardship arise, and pretty soon she’s dumped him for that cute guy in the 3pm class etc etc. Believe me, I fully support this, fit begets fit or moves on, but it’s nice when the reverse is true and CrossFit can bring people together.

Such was the case this past weekend when our very own Jade K. got married to a guy she met at CFCB! Technically at our first location. Jade has been with us from our days at the Wilmington Athletic Club, over the years she has done a ton above and beyond the call of duty for us, and as such, the least I could do was introduce her to some fitness-minded eligible men. As the story goes, their eyes met across the clean bar as Stephen was done with his max and Jade was adding weight for her warmup and it was love at first EMOMx10 @ 70% of 1 RM.

Jade, we are SUPER HAPPY for you and Steven, I blame my inability to attend your wedding on the kid. As we have discussed numerous times, they ruin a bunch of stuff. Thanks for all you have done for the gym!




  2. Gold
    Hang snatches: 95 for rds 1-4; 105 rd 5; 115 for rd 6; 125 rd7; 115 rd8

  3. Gold
    Snatches: 85 rounds 1-4, 95 rounds 5-8, 5 SJ, 50 singles per round

  4. I got a set of 3 double unders for the fist time. BOOM!!!

    • Thx Brock for your instruction. It helped a lot

  5. I did Gold

    Hang snatches at 60lbs. I started with doubles. Couldn’t get them. Then went to singles. Couldn’t get them. Then I said fuck it and pretended to jump rope.

    Came back in the PM and did yesterday’s. That is posted there.

  6. Gold. Snatches at 80lbs.

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