WOd for Friday 12/5 and Weekend Schedule

December 5, 2014

Open Gym is Saturday 10-12


Creatine Phosphate
a- 5×5 back squats @ 85% of 1 rm rest 90 seconds between sets
b- As many STRICT pullups as possible in 10 minutes

GOLD Group
a-EMOMx10 2 Clean and Jerks @ 90%
b- 50 Front Squats for time @ 75% of 1 rep max. Every break=5 HSPU’s

All scaleable, we will discuss in session.



  1. GOLD

    Had to scale back significantly today to offset my semi-destroyed left shoulder.

    A: Completed 2 per round x10 @155
    B: 9:23 @135/static hold@ :30 in lieu of HSPU

    Great week of programming …sore

  2. Black
    5×5 BS @85%—>130 w/ lots of assist on my last 2 reps

    Max Pullups in 10 min–>37 w/+1band assistance

  3. Gold
    C&j 185×20 no misses
    50 fs at 185=11:25
    I took 6 breaks=30hspu’s

  4. Gold:
    C&J @ 95lbs – 20
    50 FS @ 95lbs (2/3 instead of 75%) = 15:02 (5 sets of 10 – sucked, 20 HSPU)

    First time doing rx HSPU for the entire time! Yay!

    • Congrats, Jacqui! I’m going to have to step up my game to keep up with a lot of you when I come back. #kidskillgainz

  5. Gold
    Clean/jerk- started at 135 for first two minutes then dropped to 115. Blah

    Front squat/Hspu: 17:something
    Started at 130 then dropped to 115. Again. Argh. 10 sets of 5, did 45 hspu

  6. Holy MOTHER that was intense!


    C&J 190 all reps made

    Front squats 190 10:43
    6 sets of HSPU 7,7,7,7,7,8,7

  7. GOLD 200X20
    200X50 WITH 30 HSPU

    • Front squat time a horrible 18:38
      Did not miss on the C&J

  8. First off I need to apologies for mis-posting yesterday…
    Should have been:
    CJ EMOM X 10 @185 complete but…
    One rep would have been called no rep
    50 FS @ 185
    I lost count of the HSP
    Probably because I just love them

  9. Gold: clean and jerk at 145 for 20
    Front squats at 170 – 1838 = long time – scaled HSPU to 30 sec handstand hold

  10. Friday’s Gold Wod a day late. 2 Clean and jerk emom x 10. 17 out of a possible 20 at 185. First split jerks in a long time. Felt decent. Played with multiple grips overhead, but had the best luck fairly narrow. The 50 FS @ 165, every drop =5 HSPU’s first heavy metcon FS in a long time, first HSPU’s in even longer: Good God Almighty, I was pretty wrecked. FS sets were 10,10,10,5,6,9 therefore 5 sets of HSPU’s fs @ 165. Legs hurt for a while. Doubling the Progenex and Amino Acids as we speak…

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