WOD for Tuesday 12-9-14

December 9, 2014

10 tough Kettle bell swings 10 burpees as fast as possible x4 sets
Rest 2:00
10 Touch The Ground box jumps fast
Jump Rope 20 seconds FAST
Rest 2:00
x4 sets

5 touch and go hang power clean, Airdyne 20 seconds @95%
Rest 2 min x4
5 Hang power snatch, Sprint 100 meters @97%
Rest 2 min x4

Also, This saturday we’ll have our monthly Faux-Contest. We’ll hope our girls will represent better than last month and we’ll reprise the mixed doubles format. Partners determined by random draw the day of. Call off of work now. I’m pretty sick of that excuse. Remember what Maya Angelou said: “The only regret I’ll have on my deathbed is not doing more Saturday Team WOD’s”. And I don;t know who you think you are, but if you think you’re BETTER than Maya Angelou, I’m here to tell you you are NOT!



  1. BLACK: I have a lot of soreness from yesterday from the Cleans and Push press. Needed a break for my back.

  2. Gold
    135 Hang cleans
    95 Snatches

    That first one was a doozy!

  3. Cleans 70
    Snatch 50

  4. In honor of not recording our scores today, here are my numbers for today:

  5. Gold
    115, 115, 135, 155 hang cleans

    95, 95, 95, 115 snatch

  6. Hang clean 85 85 95 95
    snatch 50 50 60 60, heavy rope in lieu of running

  7. Hang cleans @ 95. 38 cal
    Snatches @ 65

  8. 16 kg, 180 hjr, bp 2@90, scaled to shorter box

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