Holiday Specials-Two ways to Save. Plus, your WOD for Wednesday and some noteworthy dates.

December 10, 2014

I am pretty up front about not being a “SALESMAN” all-caps, in quotes, CrossFit is not for everybody and an affiliate with a zero dropout rate is guaranteed to be a poor example of the CrossFit system. We’ve never done groupons or short term, new member discounts partly because these are a logistical pain in the ass and also because CrossFit should be a long term, big picture venture.

One thing we DO try to do is reward our current members! Your good word of mouth is really our only advertising. Our “refer a friend get 1 month free” is pretty unheard of in the fitness industry. Play your cards right and you can go 6 months and never pay for CrossFit. For the remainder of this year, we are DOUBLING the referral reward. So, if you refer a friend who joins for the 3 month minimum, you get not 1 but 2 months free. If your friend has done CrossFit elsewhere in the past, they are exempt from the 3 month commitment, in which case you’d get $75 off your monthly membership. We did this 2 years ago and some of you didn’t pay for CrossFit until Spring!

Additionally, we have 1 other promotion. If you know you’re in for the long haul, you’re happy at the gym and expect to stay the year this may be of interest. Any member who prepays the year will get December of 2105 for free. That’s 8.5% off. AND I’ll throw in a Sweatshirt as well. If you change your mind, move away, would rather do Zumba etc, I’ll refund the balance on any time remaining, so there’s no risk. This is just a reward for the simplified logistics of not having to bill you monthly.

One small increase that will apply as of Jan 2015. Those of you paying with a card, your membership will go up $3/month. Our credit card processing fees have been raised. Anyone prepaying 2015 dodges this charge, and if you’d rather pay with other means, our rates remain the same.

Thank you ALL for a really enjoyable 2014! It’s my gym on paper, but in the day to day it’s really YOUR gym and I hope we consistently make you feel that way. I am excited at the prospects for 2015, as we approach the Diet Contest, The Open, and our venue change all relatively soon!

Note The dates for the following events

12-13-14 9-11am In-House Competition. Coed Pairs.
12-20-14 Saturday 9-11am 12 Days of Christmas Chipper
1-3-15 Saturday 9-12noon Diet Contest Kickoff! Nutrition Roundtable, Eating and meal planning discussed.
2-13-15 Friday Diet Contest Ends.
2-14-15 Valentine’s Day Massacre at CFW. Count on all day.
2-20 or 2-21 Diet Contest Awards Ceremony at Robinson’s Good Life Farms.
End of Feb (likely) CFG Open 2015 starts.

OK- Wods below. Some changes from the original posting.

3 minutes as many rounds as possible @80%:
5 burpees, 10 air squats, 15 Situps. Rest 3 min x3 sets
3 min as many rounds as possible @80%: 10 strict push ups 15 Stepups 20 Heavyrope singles x rest 3 mins x 3 sets
3 min as many rounds as possible @80% 3 muscle ups 5 burpee box jumps 20″ 50 Heavyrope singles.
Rest 3 min x3 sets
Row 3 min (BLIND-no visible display) @85% for calories. Rest 3 min x3 sets

I did the GOLD programming today and got 2 rounds of the triplet every cycle. I was able to string 3 MU’s on the first pass and 2-1 on the second, using the Knee-up technique more than a pronounced swing. On the row my goal was 17/cals per minute and my first effort was exactly 51 calories so right on target. Next score was a lazy 46 and the third was a more appropriate 49.



  1. Black
    87, 90, 90
    108, 108, 110

  2. Gold subbed jumping bar MU:
    116, 109, 116

    39, 37, 39 – I suck at pacing

  3. Pacing was better this week. It helped to have someone watching the time.

    91, 92, 91
    106, 110, 109

  4. Gold
    Ring muscle ups 65, 60, 60
    Was able to string 3 together but crapped out when I got back to the rings.

    Row 59, 51, 52
    clearly I either when to hard or didn’t recover quick enough after the first round

  5. Gold

    Ring dips/pullups 118, 118, 118. I am counting each ring dip/ring pullup as 1 rep. This took I would say a 95% effort on my last round. I was would be damned if I didn’t do the same on my final round as my first 2.

    Row 44,42,41…guess my 80% is pretty lame and it felt pretty crappy at that!

    Maybe these past 3 days haven’t been “scored” but I am feeling the burn!

  6. GOLD: 58, 83, 86
    First round RX bar muscle up
    2nd round 1 bar muscle up then shoulder pain set in. I had to scale to chest to bar
    3rd round ring dip.
    Row: 49, 48, 50

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