WOD for Tuesday (Some changes) and a heartfelt THANK YOU.

December 15, 2014

I hate to dip into the realm of personal info, but this rare exception demands it. A few weeks before Whitney gave birth, Marcia M. was kind enough to approach us and offer to coordinate meal delivery for two weeks. The WASP in me was initially against anything resembling charity, but Whitney is descended from more Mediterranean races where people “get along” and “share” and she convinced me that we should accept. I am so glad we did, as the food was A) consistently delicious and B) an enormous time saver.

For fear of forgetting someone, I won”t thank you individually, but please collectively accept my profound gratitude. Your effort was a huge help.

Your wod for tuesday:

A. 5 tough Kettle bell swings 10 burpees as fast as possible
x3 sets Rest 2:00
B. 5 box jumps fast Jump Rope 30 seconds FAST Rest 2:00 x3 sets
C. Row sprint 45 seconds @97% Rest 2:00 x3 sets

5 touch and go hang power clean, HeavyRope 30 seconds @95%
Rest 2 min x3
5 Hang power snatch, Airdyne 30 secs @97%
Rest 2 min x3
Row sprint 45 seconds @95%
Rest 2 min x3



  1. GOLD: SNATCHES @ 95
    CLEANS. @ 145

  2. Goldie-A-lactic
    PC: @135
    PS: @85
    Row: ✓

  3. I did black

  4. Gold: cleans at 115, snatch at 85, row – check

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