WOD for Thursday (some changes)AND 12 Days of Christmas Events Announced

December 18, 2014

WOD for Thursday 12-18-14

21-15-9 of either A) Chest to Bar Pullups or B) Back Squats @ 135 and Burpees
So understand you will all do burpees as the 2nd element. Squats/Pullups are up to you depending on whatever is less sore (shoulders/biceps or legs).

Rest 10 mins

Row 1k For time

rest 10 mins

21-15-9 Box Jumps 24/20, KB Swings

Row 1k, Bike 1 Mile or Run 800m @ 97%
Rest 10 mins x 3

12 Days of Christmas- FIRST OFF: IF YOU’RE GOING TO ATTEND, PLEASE RSVP. That’s a huge Help. OK, this works just like the song: as in 1. then 2-1, then 3-2-1, then 4-3-2-1 etc. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, so Jews, Shintoists, Kwanza-ites, Muslims, Europeans, Hindu’s, Wiccans and such, (we are surprisingly diverse) you will quickly figure it out.

1- ?
2-overhead squats 115/80
3-hang snatches 115/80
4-bent rows 115/80
5-snatch grip deadlifts 115/80
8-KB Swings 53/35
9-wallballs 20/14 to 11/10 ft
10-burpee box jumps
11(0) m Backwards Tire Drag (55 m out, 55 m back)
12-(00) m run (400 m x 3)

You will see that elements 5-2 roll very quickly. 6-7-8-9 are basically CrossFit Staples/Busywork and then rounds 10-11-12 get pretty tough. Count on 45-60 minutes of work. All the elements above are scaleable.

Please arrive at 9am for an event briefing and we will get going at around 9:15. Mimosa’s WILL be provided. And when I say Mimosa’s, we are talking “complete with triple sec” not just the Champagne and OJ crudely blended in a sick, sad, lazy attempt at a real cocktail that is part and parcel of what’s WORNG with this millenial generation….But I digress.

The Patridge In a Pear Tree (#1) element will be announced on site, depending on attendance and weather. CrossFitting guests are welcome to participate. Non-CrossFitting adults are welcome to observe. Members who complete the 12 Days of Christmas WOD can start their Christmas Cheer right away we respectfully ask those of you NOT participating in the workout, but participating in the Mimosa’s to wait until all competitors are done. So there’s some incentive to get in on the action!



  1. I will attend

  2. I will be there!

  3. I’ll be there!

  4. I’m there but I promise if you don’t have any Mariah blasting at least once during the playlist I will take your OJ and Champagne and make my own “cheap and lazy” mimosa and drink it in your face!

    • If I have anthing to do with it, it will be on repeat!!!

  5. Ryan and I will be there.

  6. I’m in

    • c2b/burped 6:13….row 4:03….box steps/lb 3:33

  7. I will be there!

    • Scratch that, I won’t be able to come 😦 NOT happy about it.

  8. Brock I will be there.

  9. GOLD: B. Sore from Bar Muscle ups (21, 15, 9 BACK SQUATS @135/BURPEES). TIME 6:30
    ROW TIME. 3:55 row setting 8 1/2
    KB/BOX STEP UP: 4:30* started with KB first by mistake. Greg said if I had started with box step ups first he would have blown me away.

  10. I will not be there sadly but I did fill like you missed a great pun on #5. Five golden ring dips. I did enjoy that #10 involves jumping (lords a leaping).

    • Edit: feel*

  11. GOLD
    B-Pees/C2BPU: 6:42
    Row 1k: 3:49
    BJ/KB: 3:46

    I’m a maybe for the chipper. Supposed to be out of town, but trying to change plans.

  12. I will be present for the chipper!

    BS/Burpee 5:47rx
    1k row 3:53
    box/KBS 3:21rx

  13. backsquat/burpee 6:13, row 3:55, Box/KB Swing 5:33 (I was interrupted mid-wod on this one)

  14. I am there. In all my years with CFCB, this is the first one I will be at 🙂

    • 21-15-9 BS/Burppee 6:33
      1k row 4:00
      21-15-9 step ups/KB swings 1:50- is that right? It seems fast.

  15. First time for me as well! Though I’ll probably modify it beyond recognition as has been my trend lately.

  16. Count me in! Thanks for putting this on.

    • Okay, now I am no longer anonymous!

  17. Gold:
    pull-ups (not c2b)/burpees: 6:42
    1k row: 4:26
    step ups/kbs: 3:22

    12 days of Christmas is one of my favorites! I’ll be there!

  18. Should be there tomorrow for 12 days.

  19. I will make it.

  20. Count me in!

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