Wods for the week 12-29-14 to 1-2-15(!!) Schedule around NYE and Competition Announcement.

December 27, 2014

Schedule is the same as last week, with M and Tu unaffected, Wednesday 6,7 and 8:45 intact, 1,5 and 6 cancelled. Thursday 1-1-15 Closed and Friday 6,7 and 8:45 cancelled 1, 5 and 6pm intact.

Your template for the next 4-5 weeks is below. Monday is perhaps your toughest day, Tuesday is “interval tuesday” which most of you are familiar with. Wednesday is less intense but very important especially if you are someone who scales movements because you “don’t know how” to do them. I will post a number of video links. Please try to watch those related to movements you struggle with. Thursday will be an interesting day where single skills are worked with pacing or under fatigue. Intensity may approach monday levels depending on how adept you are at the movements. In this instance, the BETTER you are, the harder thursday will be. Friday will be devoted to strength preservation with lifts varying from week to week.

Monday- Reprise of a past CF Open WOD
Tuesday- Intervals 2 on/4 off x 5
Wednesday- Skill development and Olympic Lifting
Thursday- Benchmark Name or CF Open WOD or Single Element Work Capacity
Friday- Strength. Some mix of clean, shoulder press, squat and pullup.

Monday’s WOD- Amrap in 8 mins ascending 3’s (3-6-9-12 to Infinity) of Thrusters @ 95/65, Toes To Bar. Instruction and review first. Rest 8 mins then: 3 Attempts at x3 thruster for load.

Tuesday’s WOD- 2 on 4 off max effort Airdyne (men) C2 row (women) x5 cycles.

Wednesday- Snatch Drills. Double Under Practice. Kipping Swing (You will have latitude to work other aspects. For instance, if you have the Kipping Swing, you can work towards your muscleup.

Thursday- AMRAP in 10 – unbroken C2b pullups x 4 (men), 3 (women). Rest 10. AMRAP in 10 Unbroken OHS Ladder @ 95/65 Start at 5 reps, then 6 unbroken, then 7 unbroken to infinity.

Friday- Strength TBD.

Saturday 2-14-15 our friends at CF Wilmington are hosting the St. Valentine’s Day M A S S A C R E. I don’t know about you, but I never pass up a good massacre, especially when I don’t have to travel far. There will be 3 wods with a 4th for the top 5 finishers. You can compete as an individual or a co-ed couple. Rx’d and scaled. $90 per person. Jill S. and myself are in as a mixed pairs team, interested individuals are encouraged to participate. The first two wod’s are below:

a.) Snatch ladder – 1 snatch EMOM ascending by 10lbs
– Start weights: Male RX 155lbs, Female Rx 95lbs, Tm Rx – (135,85), Tm Scaled (95,65)
b.) Max Rep Bench Press: RX – BW Male / .75 x BW Female
Scaled – .75 x BW Male/ .50xBW Female
A. and B. will be scored separately. Athletes will complete WOD1 A. Snatch ladder and then move directly to the Bench warm up and on to WOD1 B. Max Rep Bench.
WOD 2: “One Bar of Death”
AMRAP in 8 minutes:
10 Deadlift
10 Push Press
10 Overhead Squat
RX 135#/95#
Scaled 95#/65#
Teams will have one male bar and one female bar. Only one athlete will can work at a time, each teammate can do as much or as little of the workout as they choose.



  1. 94 RX rested 8 minutes but not nearly enough before thruster triple.

    triple @ 185 I could do more but thats all I could clean at that moment.

  2. Wod 102rx

    3 rep thruster 175 which is body weight

  3. thrusters/t2b: 67 rx’d – thrusters are a huge weakness

    3 rep thruster: 80

  4. 58 reps RX….. 3rep thrusters 135lbs

  5. 91 t2b were actually more like knee ups/ k2e with swing
    thruster triplet 100#
    Knee and back felt great!

  6. 79 scaled T2B. Thrusters at 135.

  7. 71 @ 65lbs and scaled T2B.
    3 rep thruster max – 95lbs

  8. 87–> 50lb thrusters T2b rx thru round of 9, then scaled to knee raises to work on cycling

    Max 3-rep thruster–>80

  9. Monday: 93 RX I failed completely on the 3 thrusters. First lift my right shoulder just went numb then limp. Impingement issues again!!!
    Tuesday: I had a full recovery before starting. Bike 32, 31, 35, 32, 35 total 165

  10. Tuesday: Row: 33 34 33 32 32=164

  11. AD 171 Maybe my worst effort on this yet, but definitly the most painful! Major residual soreness from yesterdays WOD.

  12. row: 31, 30, 29, 29, 29 = 148
    ran 2 miles just prior to row in 16:39

  13. Row 157
    33, 32, 31,31,30

  14. AD 156

  15. Tuesday bike: 39, 40, 40, 43, 41=203

  16. Row-28, 26, 26, 24, 25=129. Previous 10/21/14–>131

  17. Tuesday
    row 33, 33, 32, 32, 30= 160

    I hate I’m gonna miss tomorrow , sounds fun
    – happy new year! !!

  18. AD 48, 41, 37, 38. 41 = 205

    • Awesome job

  19. Row – total 220 – 48, 45, 42, 43, 42

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