WOD for 1-2-15

January 2, 2015

Recall, 6,7 and 8:45 cancelled. 1,5 and 6pm are on.

Athletes, welcome to 2015. I encourage you all to, now that the Holiday’s are behind us, but the year stretches out unencumbered and vast, in front you, to set some fitness goals. They can be public or private, but I would have more than one and I would have multiple time frames. A year ago at this time I said the same thing. Let’s look at what I did with the benefit of hindsight. (PS- If you could care less about Brock Wilson and his year old goals, I feel you Dawg. Please just skip to the WOD below)

I broke my goals down into seasons, text in italics below was written today.

Jan 2014 I wrote:

Winter- Drop my Bodyfat from where it is now (guesstimating 13-14%) to sub 10. At 190 lbs, a 5% drop in bodyfat would translate to a 9.5 lb loss in bodyweight, assuming that loss is all fat. This is achievable IF I am strict and consistent with BOTH diet and exercise for the 6 week duration of the contest.

Achieved this, but only insofar as I peaked on the day of the weigh outs/after pictures. Measured that day at 9% but again, that was in some part due to water manipulation. True bodyfat was likely at 11% at the end of the contest. A visible difference, but not as well as I hope to do this year.

Winter/Spring- Do as well as I can in the CF Open. What’s ambitious but realistic? Top 100 in the world in age 40-44. What’s unrealistic but worth taking a shot at? Top 20 in the world, which gets one to the CrossFit games in Los Angeles.

Here, I made the 2nd round and finished 158th in the world in the 40-44 year old age division. I was 12th in the region, if memory serves. Pleased to make it to the 2nd round but well short of Top 100. And, to be quite honest, the gap between 158 and 99 was substantial.

Spring- Sub 3 Fran. This has been a goal ever since I became aware of what CrossFit even was. Back when I started, sub 3 was elite. To be completely honest, sub 3 is no longer elite (Sub 2:30 is the new Sub 3). I came VERY close (3:04, 3:08) this past summer and then hurt my hand, so now I’m another year older and my hand may or may not ever get back to 100%, but I think I can do it.

The timeframe was eclipsed by extending into the 2nd round of the Open, so by the time that was over, I had been in the Metcon/Fran domain for a little too long. I decided to Postpone attempts at a Sub 3 Fran and pursue my summer goal of…

Summer- 1) Back squat 400 lbs. Best lifetime is 385, and best in the last 2-3 years is 375. In our spring strength cycle I will likely bias heavily towards backsquatting at the expense of something else, like pullups but not shoulder press because 2) Shoulder press my bodyweight. Lifetime best is 177 (last strength cycle) Bodyweight is 190. I hope to be at 185, and bump up 7 lbs to make this happen.

I was making good progress (345×5 at my heaviest which projects to 390lbs) on a 9 week squat program when I aggravated what at the time was an unknown arthritic knee. I beat it up further at the September Garage Games Competition and that derailed my plans for 400. My Shoulder Press improved to a lifetime PR of 183 but well short of my 193 (at that point) bodyweight.

Fall- Snatch my bodyweight. Theoretically, if my squat numbers reach my summer goal, I should be well positioned strength-wise to make a bodyweight snatch happen. I’d just need to bias towards this intricate lift with a lot of frequency and flight time. In the past, I I’ve suffered a string of small injuries as I approach 100% capacity on this lift. While I have done some research and can do a little more in shoulder pre-hab, the most important factor in remedying this will simply be slower progressions, lighter loads over more sessions.

Scrapped this because of the knee.

So, a mixed bag. I was proud of my placement in the Open, but largely disappointed in my other numbers. I always say, if I ever get a 3 minute FRAN I will never do that WOD ever again, and I’d really like a FRAN free future, but the complications with the knee may make that goal beyond my capacities.

I’m not into “goal Setting” for the psychological, feel goody, “high five! I’m a winner!!” aspects of it, but more as a means of focusing your training. Years ago, when I first started Thai Boxing it was really only as a workout/hobby but after a certain point you begin to wonder “what am I doing all this for?” and “How good am I?”. It’s not a perfect analogy, but it applies to what we do. To just flail away at one painful metcon after another 1) seems neaningless and 2) won’t be nearly as effective as if you were doing so with some measure of endpoint in mind. If your apporach to fitness in general or even CrossFit in general has heretofore been “unquantified” as in, I just wanna “get in shape” or “get toned” or “get a good workout” or “be healthy”, consider stepping up and giving yourself a number to chase. Think about this: If i ask you “Why are you here”? and you’re in Walmart, your answer will be “to get razors, paper towels, twizzlers and Mt Dew”. Not “um…I dunno? For some, like, stuff?” or if the question is “You’re an accountant. What do you want?” You’d say “I want to make Jr. VP this year. Senior VP by 2018, and a beach house full of cocaine Donald Judd artwork by the time I’m 35!”. You wouldn’t say “You know, To do stuff with numbers. To do accounting real good.” The point is, be specific. If you set 4 goals and make them all, you aimed too low. Reevaluate and aim higher.

DIET CONTEST 2015- Saturday Jan 3.
9am-10am Discussion of the diet contest, nutrition myths exploded, review of what the paleo, the zone and the Flex diet are. What to eat, what to avoid, how to exercise, dietary supplements, all discusses. You need not come if you;ve heard this before BUT I will probably descend into exasperated ranting more than once, so if that part of me amuses you, you may want to come again.

10-11:30 Bodyweight, Circumference measures, 3 Site BF pinch, “Before Pictures”

Please don’t forget your $20 entry fee.

Please ask questions either at the gym or in the comments section here.

WODS- Choose from either TH or FR

A)AMRAP in 10 – unbroken C2b pullups x 4 (men), 3 (women).
Rest 10
B)AMRAP in 10 Unbroken OHS Ladder @ 95/65 Start at 5 reps, then 6 unbroken, then 7 unbroken to infinity.

Warmup, then
Clean Grip Deadlift. Increase 10-15 lbs every set
Front Squat Increase 5-10 lbs every set
Shoulder Press increase 2.5-5 lbs every set.



  1. So soon??? Oh no! Time to get busy!

  2. Brock – if unable to attend on Saturday for diet contest discussion and measurements, can I still participate?

    • Geoff, we’ll have a second session of “before pictures” Sunday 1/4 at 10 am. After that, we’ll have to schedule and of course, this is cutting into your time between before and after shots.

  3. Thursday c2b 19 rounds….OHS 5@95…9@75

  4. 13 rounds of 3pullups @BW
    10 unbroken OHS @30lb

  5. C2b 20rx
    Ohs finished rd of 13rx

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