WOD for Wednesday 1-7-15 Some changes from Monday

January 7, 2015

Wednesday- 5 Mins each on Instruction for the burpee and the c2 row. 10 mins on the clean.

Then EoMOM– 1 Round of Cindy (5 Pullups, 10 Pushups 15 airsquats) then Max reps Touch and go Unbroken cleans @ 135/95 in remaining time. x 6 cycles. Score is cumulative # of cleans. Round ends when the minute is up or when you drop the bar.



  1. 12 rx – 2 cleans per round is all I had time for

  2. Jason
    9 W/ black band RX clean weight (goal was 12 but ran out of time last three sets. Band and barbell location slowed me down. Not that I was setting any speed records.

  3. 43 reps rx.

  4. 43

  5. 35 reps rx

  6. 28 reps at 85#

  7. 17 reps (BP, 5-7-9 combo, 60) Not great.

  8. 29 reps RX and I KILLED myself to get that! My mind is baffled at a 40+ score, there are some beasts on the board! I was extremely sore, but I don’t see how if fresh I would’ve gotten more that one more per round.

  9. 25 reps rx

  10. Fuck up of the day award goes to me. First off I sucked and secondly I kept screwing up the damn workout by forgetting to squat. I used +1 assist on pullups and had to drop push-ups from 10 to 5 and I still only got 8 damn reps.

  11. 18 reps RX

  12. 30 but my push-ups were not strict no quad touching. 95 lbs

  13. 8 Rx@95 –Pullups & pushups suffered rounds 5&6, snaking did occur
    Cleans 3, 2, 2, 1, 0 (finished Cindy, no time for cleans), 0 (attempt & fail)

    • Yay for going rxd!!!

      • ^whitney

  14. Andrea
    29 reps Rx
    My weakest link? Push-ups. Nuts!

  15. 11 rx, I’m just terrible

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