WOD for Thursday 1-15-15

January 15, 2015

A)Ten Minutes to complete
“Flight Simulator”
UNBROKEN doubles 50-40-30-20-10
Double Under Practice

B) 7 minutes for max Points

5 Front Squats at 185/125=2 points
7 back squats at 185/125= 1 point

all sets (front or back) must be unbroken to score.

c) Max reps AB MAT situps, partner anchored. Athletes must maintain a 1 situp/second pace as long as possible. If athlete fall behind, partner stops the set. Take as many attempts as you want.



  1. Wod A I was only able to get through with the round of 50. Could never make it to 40 after that.
    Wod B I got 8 pts rx. 3 rounds of front squats and 2 rounds of back squats
    Wide C 36

    • Wod c

      • Is a wide C a sort of cup size?

  2. Flight Simulator: completed.
    Sit ups: 15 this was fun and hard at the same time
    Squats: front squats 10 rounds of 5 @185 for total points of 20. First 2 rounds I was able to do 2 sets per min. Then 1 set per minute then 2 sets the last minute. Just barley made it in time.

  3. A: practice
    B: 9@80 lbs. failed twice near the end before switching to BS
    C: 41

    • Kate you are the sit up queen! Awesome job!

  4. WOD A: 9:50
    WOD B: 16rx
    WOD C: 20

  5. I went 7 rds of the 5 fronts squats for 14 pts. 26 Situps counting myself, which may have thrown my score off by a rep or two.

  6. WOD A: practice
    WOD B: 14 points (front squats) @80 #
    WOD C: 9

  7. WOD A – practice
    WOD B – 14 @ 100#
    WOD C – 25

  8. Wod 1 just practiced du 150
    Wod 2 7 rounds @ 185 for 14 points
    Wod 3 43

  9. A: failed at 42 & never recovered, so started from 10 going up
    10-20-30 completed. On the round of 40 I failed at 39! So beyond frustrating!!
    B: skipped due to my knee bothering me & I have 2 runs & a tennis match in the next 4 days
    C: 45

    • I tried the “flight simulator” again today. Got 3:36.
      In order to get that score I had to tuck my shoe laces, put my hair in a bun, took several reps of 10-20 & readjusted where I held the handle. I’m writing this down to tell myself what to do if we ever try this again.

  10. A: 7:36
    B: 22 at 120
    C: 21

    • Damn you Adelynn, damn you!
      (Good job;)

      ~ A

  11. A. Practice…….B. 2 pt @ 165 & 6 pt @ 155……C. 42

  12. A. Practice…tried to get to 50 a couple times…got to 30, 27,20, then I just kept doing max reps.

    B. 18 points FS RX…Im gonna pay for that one.

    C. 9 and I question wether I really got that. Cycling real fast hurts my back at the bottom and the ab mat didn’t help. Tried with no ab mat, still too painful.

  13. Andrea
    Wod 1 practice – max of 16:( booooo
    Wod 2 20 rx on the buzzer!
    Wod 3 13, then 20. Didn’t try again for fear of terrible road rash!

  14. I was there, just practicing some movements for the weekend.

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