WOD for Monday 1-19-15, Tuesday 1-20-15

January 19, 2015

Monday, Inspired by Jackie

1000 m row
50 Thrusters at 75/50
25 pullups (men- c2b)

Tuesday (Interval Tuesday is postponed to Wednesday this week)

Option A is make up monday if you missed it.

Instruction on the snatch. New Snazzy video from Camille le Blanc Bazinet HERE.

EMOM x 5
1 power snatch + 2 Overhead Squats

EMOM x 5
1 Hang Squat Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat

EMOM x 5
1 Full Snatch

Athletes determine load. Technique priority.



  1. 12:28 RX
    splits. 4:10 row at level 4
    Thrusters 6:12
    C2B 2:06
    Next time go higher setting on the row 7 stick with sets of 10 on thrusters and do 10 Then singles

  2. 12:39 RX

    Probably paced too much on row. Was going for 4 it took 4:30. Damper setting abound between 2 and 3.
    Thrusters were over at about the 10 minute mark sets of 5’s, and then the C2B Pullups were brutal! 5 here 2 there and lots of singles.

  3. 12:29rx

  4. 9:53 with pullups (not C2B)

  5. 17:46 bb2lp
    Snatch practice with 30/50

  6. 13:14 rx
    Snatch new PR 125

    • Awesome Jill!


  7. Inspired by Jackie
    12:15 rx

    Shoulder prehab in lieu of snatches

  8. Today was the first time ever I was able to hit off my hips hard. It’s taken a lot of time but it made the weight go up so much easier. I was able to catch 115 deep and comfortably.

  9. Inspired by Jackie- 16:12 @50lb & Pullups sets of 5’s on thrusters was manageable. PU was a few sets of 3’s, probably 5 sets of 2 & the rest singles

  10. Scaled the thrusters to FS @ 115×50, went 1320. FS were slow at about 6 minutes. Felt stifled by the combination of weight belt and bar on the windpipe, or maybe it was just that I’m mentally weak.

  11. 18:11 my first RX (thrusters) post ever! pull-ups black +1

    • Woohoo!!

  12. Mondays workout 9:53 rx

    • Great job Greg, way to set the pace!

  13. A slow 18:57 with regular but unassisted pull-ups. 5 min row, 6 min thrusters 8 min pull-ups give or take

  14. 12:26 with regular pull ups

  15. Did 3 RFT:
    15 hang squat cleans
    20 box jumps
    400 meter run

    Then did some random shit…

    • Like roll around on the ground? 🙂

      • Naw, I save that for when you are there!!!

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