Open Gym 10-noon. Diet contest halfway mark.

January 24, 2015

You are 3 weeks away from your after pictures. If you are satisfied with your progress, keep doing what you’re doing. If you are NOT, please ask for feedback in your food journal posting with the word “FEEDBACK” in your title. There’s a lot of you and I have been more focused on 1) people who are new to the diet contest and 2) people who have privately asked me 3) people who are posting with specifics, volumes and times.

It is not too late to make visible progress. Don;t throw in the towel just because change has been slower than you’d hoped.

Now is the time to get particularly compliant and really bear down. “I’m sick of salads”, “I can’t afford organic”, “I just want something sweet!”, “My kids get me so stressed I NEED some wine” are all excuses that, in this short time frame, are increasingly weak. 3 Weeks from now, bask in the glory of some really good after pictures while you shotgun a fifth of Gallo White Zin and shove endless Krispy Kremes down your maw, but until then, be disciplined! You will regret it if you don’t and then you’ll have to wait 46 weeks till we do it all again.


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