WOD for Friday 1-30-15. Open Gym Schedule. (updated Sat and Sun both!) Also, next week’s Comp reminder.

January 30, 2015

Athletes, Open Gym will be Saturday 9-11 and Sunday 10-12. Thanks to Jeff K. for facilitating open gym.

Recall that next week is our tag team 6 on 6 competition. We have 2 complete teams of the women but only Bob, Joel, Greg and Steve have stepped up for the men. 2 More men are needed and beyond that we may field a 3rd team if we have demand. In the true spirit of CrossFit you don’t know the events until just prior.

Friday’s wod is CF Open Workout 14.4. Many of you did this last year. Search “14.4” in our archives to see your scores. I found my notes from last year helpful.

Against a 14 minute clock AMRAP of

60 Calories c2 Row

50 Toes to Bar

40 Wallballs 20/14

30 Cleans (floor to shoulder, any depth) 135/95

20 Ring Muscle Ups



  1. Looks like a Progenics recovery type of work out!

  2. If you need some, I have some.

  3. 180 rx. Got to muscle ups with about 15 seconds but couldn’t get one.

  4. 166 RX splits 3:40 row setting 6, did well on the T2B then fell apart on the wall balls. Cleans were going steady doing singles. Super sore from yesterday.
    Best: 180 in 2014 I made to the rings but was unsuccessful in completing one.

  5. 115 for 1/2
    30 cal, 25 t2b, 20 WB, 15 cleans@95, 10 ring dips w/+1 band, 15cal
    Previous was 127 for 1/2 & scale t2b, cleans & ring dips

  6. 168 rx

    • Jill

  7. 124 rx

    I wish half was an option at 6am! Needless to say, I spent the majority of my time on t2b – and then a few wallballs.

    • Side note – I am so sore from this week! I haven’t been sore like this since coming back from having a kid. As of about 10 minutes ago I can no longer get my arms any higher than my shoulders!

      • Susan, I should’ve installed that option at 6 and 7. Sorry about that.

  8. 153 rx
    Last year I got 118 doing 1/2 with scaled ring dips. Doing 10 sets of 5 t2b with 15 sec rest seem to work pretty well.

  9. 183 (3 muscleups) Cleanswere the problem, taking 3:35 all by themselves. This equals last year’s first effort.

  10. 166 RX (way better than last years 140)

  11. 171 RX

    I just know I can get through the cleans. I had epic residual soreness from the pull-ups the other day which made me suffer on the T2B. I could do those at least a minute faster. I could easily shave 30 seconds off the row I was just over 4 minutes, way to casual of a pace, I was barely winded.

    last year 161

    • Great improvement Marcos

  12. Between soreness and exhaustion I didn’t have it today.
    166 reps rx
    The cleans did me in.

    Previous best was 181.

  13. What a week, sounds like everyone is sore!
    Previous # 147
    T2B took forever but did manage 170 total

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