WOD’s for M-T-W-TH 2/2-3-4-5/15 (tuesday/wednesday updated)

February 2, 2015

Monday–3 RFT
15 reps each of 1)Power Snatch 95/65 2) Box Jump/Step Up 24/20″ 3)Squat Clean to Thruster 95/65 4)c2b Pullups

Tuesday– 5 cycles 2 on 4 off Men- C2 Row for max calories, Women- 10 rds of 1 on 2 off. 5 burpees/Max reps heavy rope.

Wednesday– Funday. Unscored Circuit- 1 Minute each station. Multiple Odd Objects. Reverse Tire Drags, SandBag Getups, Battleropes, Dumbell Snatches etc.

Thursday– 12 Minutes- FInd your 1 RM snatch. 12 Minutes- Gymnastic, below the bar practice. Kipping, toes 2 bar, Muscleups (ring or bar). Work TBD.



  1. Monday: 19:16 RX
    Squat Thrusters were slow and draining

  2. 142 reps at 55lb. Regular pull-ups for round 1, +2 assistance for round 2.

    I love this type of workout – moderately long, cycling through different movements so not stuck at any one station for too long.

  3. Dnf 160reps rx

  4. 158 rx

    • Jill

  5. 147 reps at 50lbs & c2b pull-ups.

    c2b is pretty new to me, so they were the slowest and the one I had to break up the most. Knee started acting up on the squat cleans. I beat it up this weekend.

  6. 133 reps at 65lbs, regular pull ups. I regretted my decision to go with 65lbs almost immediately!

    • I was so impressed this am! you and Kate are amazeballs.

      • I always impressed with those ladies!!! Miss you Michaela!!

      • I just appreciate being grouped with Susan, who I’ve been chasing ever since I joined the gym

      • You ladies are sweet. Not to worry Kate, I chase YOU when we run.

  7. 19:49 Rx

    • That’s black widow fast.

  8. 149 @ 75lbs

  9. 19:16 rx

  10. 1837 round splits were – 6,7,5:37

  11. Row 204. I can’t remember my numbers per round

  12. 833
    Individual rounds ranged from 73-90

  13. Monday 155 RX

  14. TUESDAY- 195…one day I will get 200…197 is my best.

  15. Tuesday – 878. Lowest = 84, highest = 92

    My last score was in the 600s. I finally figured that damn rope out.

  16. Tuesday: 806; range 75-90
    158 more reps than January.

  17. Row 176

  18. Monday – 150 reps (missed the part about only dropping the bar twice per round until Brock was kind enough to fill me in after 10 snatches into my first round.
    Tuesday – 212 last week was 200

  19. Row 2 on 4 off
    55, 47, 41, 40, 40= 223

  20. Wednesday. I was present and accounted for…

  21. Thursday : I stoped at 145 on pretty, full snatch. Felt good. I feel my technique is improving.
    WOD: 3 rounds at 105. I should have went lighter. My snatches were getting ugly and I started doing power snatches instead of full squat snatches.

  22. Thurs: 60lbs on full squat snatch, with a tumble to the floor on my attempts

    6 rounds with 50lb power snatch & t2b (with the what not to do textbook method)

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