WOD’s for the week. Close of Diet Contest Picture Schedule. Awards Ceremony

February 9, 2015

We are in the last week of our 2015 Diet Contest. The field has narrowed substantially, and despite our largest initial participation ever, there will be few qualifiers by the end of things. That means that IF YOU ARE STILL ELIGIBLE, YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING IS HIGH, or at least higher than you may realize. So, bear down.

Even if you aren’t eligible to win you are still entitled to your “after” pictures. To that end, here’s your schedule.

Thursday and Friday 2-12 and 2-13 you can get photos (for sure) and measurements (probably) from 8-8:45 at our open gym.

Saturday 2-14 from 9-11 Jade and Whitney will be taking after shots and measurements.

There MAY be an hour on Sunday 2-15. TBD

Recall that the awards ceremony/party will be the following Saturday at Cedric R’s farm, which is in 28409, not some far off Farmy type place. That happens at 7pm. ALL MEMBERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND. Whether you are a contender to win, whether you started and dropped out and/or never started at all, we’d like to see you there. Feats of strength, diet debauchery, and your winners announced! Come see the disappointment on the losers faces.

WODS for MONDAY 2-9-15
CF Open WOD 11.5
Amrap in 15
5 Power cleans @ 135
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall balls (20lbs to 10′ target)

Amrap in 15
5 Power cleans @ 95
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall balls (14lbs to 9′ target)

Tuesday 2-10-15
Interval Tuesday as follows, in this order: Row, Burpees, Airdyne, Heavyrope, Run.

At 0:00 I row 45 calories in 2 minutes my score is 45
At 6 minutes I perform 43 burpees in 2 mins. My score is 43
At 12 minutes I Airdyne 35 calories in 2 mins. My score is 35
At 18 Minutes 1 get 234 heavy rope singles in 2 minutes. My score is 234.
at 24 minutes I run 400 m in 2:12. My score is 212

Scores are separate, not combined or altered or cumulative.

Wednesday 2-10-15

10 Minutes on Box Jump Cycling/Step up Cycling.

Then EMOM x 8 for time: 10 Box Jumps or Step ups.

Then a Cindy-EsqueBox 20 Minute Amrap– 4 Pullups, 8 CrossOver Pushups, 12 Box Jumps/Step-ups.

Thursday, for the first time in a while we’ll go long long. Expect something in the 30-40 minute range.

Friday- Benchmark or CFG Open WOD. TBD



  1. Excited for this week!

  2. 211 rx

  3. 173 RX

  4. 153 @ 95lbs & scaled t2b

  5. 150 rx

  6. 155 @ 80# (heaviest to date); K2C (getting better at this!)

  7. Easiest way to win the diet contest = don’t drop out.

    145 at 85#, k2c

    • I like these odds – lots of $$, not many people!

      • That just makes me even MORE disappointed in myself.

      • Vote for Jade!

  8. 183 RX, all you 200 plus people are monsters!

  9. 161 rx
    Lost count how many times Andrea lapped me!

  10. 187 RX

  11. 206rx

  12. “205” in quotes because I did 20 sit-ups with an ab mat instead of T2B so I counted each sit-up as half a rep. 95lbs

  13. 123 RX

  14. Andrea
    213 Rx

  15. Clark – 166 rx

  16. 160: Cleans @ 70, knee raises, and 10 Wall ball

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