February 11, 2015

Athletes, first and foremost, hats off to some very good efforts on interval tuesday. 2-9-15 was one of the few days where almost everyone seemed spent at most of the interval’s end. A handfull of guys are breaking into the 50+ calorie range which is excellent. Zack and Glen leading the field at 57. Kristen F hit 40 and Vilija and Andrea both were at 38. But numbers aside, most everyone really worked to their threshold today, which is very cool to see.

Wednesday’s front burner concern is the BOX JUMP. Please watch this 2 minute video. Not the demonstration athlete’s HAND POSITION AT THE MOMENT OF CONTACT WITH THE FLOOR. They are slightly behind the hips, allowing him to immediately “punch” the sky and rebound back up to the box. This is crucial to fast rebound cycling the box jump. We will discuss. On another note, the lecturing athlete recommends keeping the box surface in your periphery but not focusing on it. Here I disagree. Look at where your feet are going, just don’t drop your chin to do so.

Box Jump video HERE

10 minutes Box jump Cycling demo/explanation.

8 minutes–emom–8 box jumps for time. (less than the volumes posted on monday)

Then AMRAP in 20

4 c2b pullups, 8 crossover pushups, 12 box jumps



  1. Never thought stepping down required more work than jumping down. A good informative video

  2. 419 rx

  3. 398 RX

  4. 340 with regular pullups. I guess I need to figure out whether or not I can even do a c2b pullup.

  5. 404rx

  6. 11 rounds + 6 crossover = 274 rx
    still can’t consistently cycle 4 reps, but slowly getting more comfortable with c2b

  7. 148 in 10 minutes Rx

    • I didn’t get carded buying my litter ticket!!!

      • Lottery

      • What the hell was that? He really didn’t think I was 18?!?

    • Diet contest is working for you.

      • Vote for Jade 🙂

  8. 337 RX, 14 rounds, plus 1 pull-up…I just don’t get it. I never stopped moving…frustrating…gotta get ALOT faster I guess.

  9. 300rx

    Back from the dead after 2+ weeks of infant-induced insomnia. This sucked about as badly as I expected.

  10. 316 RX

  11. 386rx

  12. Andrea
    11rounds +4
    Well, I committed to trying c2b. Kept working through it til round 6 or 7 when the reverse grip seemed to work best of all the bad. Oh well, another thing to work on

  13. 268 black band

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