WOD for FRIDAY THE 13th. 2-13-15

February 13, 2015

5-10 Minutes Overhead Squat Intro

5-10 Minutes Overhead Squat Prep and Mobility

WOD- 100 Overhead Squats For Time 80/50. If you can demonstrate FLAW! LESS! technique, as in NOTHING is wrong, you can take this on at 95/65. WOdD caps at 10 minutes.

If you go to this page HERE and click the overhead squat tile, they’ll be several short and helpful demo vids.

Strength- 2×10 GHD back extensions (the pad has been restored by our very own, mulit-talented Ryan P.) Tempo controlled at 2-2-2-2.

Diet Contest- 15 Guys and 13 Women remain eligible, with several among them no serious threat. If you’ve been diligent, your competition has been whittled down to the high single digits. Pics/measures Friday 8-845. Saturday 9-11. Sunday 9-10. Open Gym Saturday 9-11, please be courteous to the starving diet contestants.



  1. 82 reps scaled to 65 lbs.

  2. 7:17 RX

    • 25, 10 Then sets of 5. I would like to try at 95 with out grasshoppers

    • #beastmode hahaha

  3. 9:52 30#

  4. 7:02 rx

    I regret not attempting 95lbs plus grasshoppers.

  5. 87 reps rx (at 50lbs)

  6. I was there. Tried working on ring dips and bar muscle ups. Not successful at either one. 11 mile run tomorrow.

  7. 52 OHS @40lb
    I’m pretty happy with that considering last year I had trouble doing the 18lb bar! Loved your comment Brock “That looks pretty good. I’ve seen far worse from you in the past.” Yes, thank you- I know 🙂

    • In other words, still some room to improve but WAAAY better than where you started. Very Pleased! But yes, my word selection could have been better!

  8. 9:32@65

    Lungs not the problem on this one …shoulder immobility is. Felt like someone was trying to rip my arms off at the shoulder and beat me with them. Sets of 100 should help that mobility issue.

    • Could you be more detail LOL

      • Brother Larry, yes …but you don’t want that broksi

  9. 45 @ 30lbs. Fuck OHS. Fuck fuck fuck. I went away to the trail and my body won’t bounce back from it. Apparently.

  10. Andrea
    6:40 @50

    Like the preacher, I regret not trying the challenge!

  11. 69 OHS @ 50

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