WOD for Wednesday 2-18-15

February 18, 2015

Last performed on 1-2-15 Please check your numbers from that date.

Against a 10 minute clock perform as many unbroken sets of Chest 2 Bar pullups as possible.

Men 4 reps. Women 3 reps.

Chest must contact bar, not just break the plane.

Scaling: Scale either by reducing the number of C2B pullups (example men 3 reps women 2 reps, or scale to regular pullups BUT…DO NOT change mid wod. To do so makes quantifying impossible.


4×8 Snatch Grip Bent Rows Tempo controlled @ 1-1-1-1 (which simply means squeeze, dont flail away)


Scapular retraction with a band 2×20



  1. Chest to bar 22 rounds rx

    • Insane Greg

  2. 11 sets of 4 C2B. Shouldn’t have waited so long between sets. I still had more in the tank

  3. Chest to bar 19. one less round than last time. I came out of the gate too quick. last time I kept to one round every 30 seconds and did better.

  4. 15 with black band (failed on 16 twice)

  5. 13 rx

  6. 15rx – missed the one in January

  7. 17 @ +2

  8. 16 rx

  9. 19 RX…I lost my grip on the very last rep of round 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Awesome numbers.

  10. 19 RX

  11. 18 rounds rx

    Got two additional sets but failed on the 4th rep each time. Need to learn to kip like Greg.

  12. 25 with regular pull ups

  13. 25 rounds with BB2LP next time I will try less assistance
    Row with 40/45

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