Awards Ceremony Address and Info ALSO PLEASE RSVP IN THE COMMENTS FOR A HEAD COUNT. Open registration info. WOD for Th 2-19-15

February 19, 2015

Upon registering for the Open, please select CrossFit Carolina Beach as your affiliate, NOT to be confused with joining the CFCB team (none exists nor needs to for you to be registered). I think that may be throwing some of you off. Again, you are encouraged to register, as you can preserve and archive your score and rank against future efforts. If you’re wondering, I get nothing out of it, financially. That is not my motive.

Awards Ceremony- THIS SATURDAY at Cedric and Angie Robinson’s Good Life Farm’s (LLC) at 4224 Masonboro Loop Road, Wilmington, NC 28409. Please note there will be a sign up, as Farms can be remote. Meanwhile, here’s some specifics: Turn onto CREEKSIDE VIEW from Masonboro Loop Road. You will travel down a gravel road. Drive to the back and veer right. Venue is a 2 story, yellow house. Phone # 910 232 6500. Cedric will be in straw hat. Angie will be butchering a goat.

Please bring a shareable dish. Beer and Wine provided.

WOD for Thursday

Work A (last performed 9-24-2014)
CFG Open Workout 13.2
AMRAP in 10 minutes
5 Shoulder to Overhead @ 115/75
10 Deadlifts @ 115/75
15 Box Jumps/Stepups 24/20

Work B
3 Attempts at 10 lengths For time, Weighted Reverse Tire Drag.
Cumulative Score.



  1. Stephen Day and I are in.

  2. We are there!!!!!!!

  3. Scott and I are coming

  4. Jamie and I are in

  5. Janet and I will be there.

  6. Nau’s will be there.

  7. I will be there. What time though?

  8. Wod A 232 rx
    Wod B 7:48 total for 3 rounds. 10, 10, 6.

  9. Brittni and I will be there.

  10. WOD A 226 RX up 8% from last time 210 RX

  11. I will be there for sure – Seth will be with me unless he gets stuck in Ohio.

  12. A- 196 RX…I think I wrote 195 on the board, I left out 1 last step up.

    B- 7:46…that was something truly, truly…disgusting.

  13. Dawn and I will be there

  14. We will be there!

  15. David and I will be there.

  16. Joan and I will be there!

  17. Kapustas will be there!

  18. A – 233 RX
    B – 6:15 Rounds of 10, 10, 6

  19. Kristen and I will be there.

  20. Thursdays wod 240rx
    I forgot my Tire Drag score. It is on the board.

    This is the 4th time I’ve performed 13.2 wod
    My previous scores are:
    3-14-13=218rx (60%box jumps 40%step ups)
    3-20-13=259rx(all step ups)
    1-15-14=236rx(all step ups)

  21. Amber and I will be there Saturday

  22. 13.2-193 @70lbs
    BW tire drag- only had time for 2 rounds 😦 2:58, 3:19=6:17

    • Really? You’re sad about only doing 2 rounds! I felt like I won the lottery πŸ˜‰ you’re welcome to everyone that witnessed my running in place while anchored to a tire awesomeness!!

      • Mmm–are you crazy?? Haha- NO I’m not sad..I should have used words to make my sarcasm more obvious. You think I like my legs feeling like jello or that they could buckle at any minute?

  23. 13.2 225 (7 rds plus s20 and deads) I scaled 1/2 the box jumps to accommodate a hip pain. Tire drag 7:46 3:25×10 lengths. Then 2:53×10 forgot my split on x6.

    • that is, I scaled 1/2 the total volume by reducing the height to 20″ for my rounds with my left leg.

  24. tire fun: 2:39, 2:34, 1:21 i think. 10/10/6
    i did 5 cleans instead of deadlifts and got thru like 6.5 rounds. my step ups were quite sad.

  25. 300 Rx

  26. 241 masters RX (95lbs)…..1 tire drag not sure of the time, just glad we ran out of time so I didn’t have to do it a second time!!!

  27. Anne and I will be there! Brad

  28. Daniel and I are planning on coming!

  29. Zach and I are in!

  30. Joe and I are in!

  31. I will be there unless Richie ends up working and can’t babysit.

  32. A: 173@70
    B: 6:49 (2 rds of 10)

  33. I’ll be there.

  34. Richard and I will be there.

  35. Clark and Andrea will be at the party

  36. One Addition – designated driver. Daughter Emily who will be making paleo desert and driving parents home. Age 17.

  37. Jason will be there.

  38. I caught some kind of stomach bug so we won’t be at the party tonight. Have fun on the farm!

  39. Wendy and I are coming

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