WOD for Thursday 2-26-15. Some words on altering the programming.

February 26, 2015

I say this consistently in our sessions themselves but because I sometimes lose track of whom I’ve spoken to, I thought it’d be valid to put it in electronic print.

CrossFit is a “horizontal” more than “vertical” fitness system. The goal is to make you A- at everything related to human movement, acknowledging that if you ARE A- at everything, you’ll be A+ at nothing. A generalist, not a specialist. Some of you have found, are finding, will find that you want to concentrate on or focus on a narrower skill set, maybe even a single domain, perhaps for a while, perhaps forever, and as such, the workouts we program for the sessions in general may not be your fastest or most efficient path towards whatever goal YOU have decided to focus on. As such, you may want to deviate from the WOD’s we program in type or frequency. This is totally acceptable! So if you find yourself interested in running a marathon, or specializing in the Olympic lifts, or doing a sprint Triathon or seeing how much you can bench press if you specialize, these are ALL things we (CFCB) would encourage you to try and would hope to assist you with.

Open registrants- Up to 20 minutes (but not beyond) of Zone 1 (easy60%) aerobic activity. Any skill based technical work that wont fatigue you. Stretch and roll out.

Non Registrants- Strength Focus

a1)Bench Press 10-8-6-4-2 for load
a2)Sumo Deadlift 10-8-6-4-2 for load


b1)Supine row 4x max effort
b2)Strict Shoulder press 4x max effort M-50% bw, women 40% bw.



  1. BP – 55/60/65/70(3)/72
    DL – 130/150/160/170/180
    SP – 30 reps at 50lbs (41% BW)

  2. 2 bar muscle-ups with the black band! Baby steps…

  3. bp 65/70/75/85/90(1)
    then i did back squats with a 30# bar. with no hip pain. baby steps.

  4. Clean work this morning.

    Mobility and easy 20 mins on Airdyne tonight.

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