WOD for Friday 2-27-15

February 27, 2015

This workout has two stages. Both stages count equally.

Stage 1 is AMRAP in 9 minutes of

15 Toes to Bar (scale is Hanging Knee Raise)
10 Deadlifts 115/75 (scale 85/55)
5 Snatches 115/75 (scale is 85/55)

Immediately upon the conclusion of the 9 minute AMRAP, a new 6 minute clock is set during which the athlete will establish their 1 RM clean and jerk. This effort constitutes stage 2. Score is total load.

Follow the link for details and demonstartion.



  1. Open. 93 c&j 195
    Great workout. I did t2b 5-5-5 deadlifts
    Unbroken and snatch 1-1-1-1-1
    I plan to redo this workout Monday
    I think I can break 100 on the workout
    With shorter breaks

  2. Open 15.1
    116 reps rx and 175 C & J
    I plan to do this again monday. I suck at snatches and was worried I would need a lot of rest to do them. I think I paced myself too much. I split up T 2 B with sets of 5.

  3. Open 15.1
    125 reps rx, C&J 206
    I am terrible at T2B that really held me back 6-5-4 x 2 then 6 and then singles… not the way to perform this. Deadlifts unbroken. Snatch 5-5-5-3-2. I would love to do this again just need to figure out how. C&J was not pretty at all, I think Brock was laughing at me, it was really a reverse curl with a push press. I should have gotten 215, I made enough noise to have gotten it!

  4. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Its very helpful.

  5. 15.1 – 89 rx & 115 c&j

    I was going to go for 6, 5, 4 and had trouble cycling to start off. I should have just stayed with the 5, 5, 5 method. Mental issue.
    75lbs is around my 1 rm for snatch, so I wasn’t sure how well I’d do with these. I eventually started doing split snatch, which helped, but I should have started out doing that.

    c&j: I started off too light since I haven’t done this for awhile and ran out of time. 115 went up a lot easier than I expected.

    I’m going to do this again on Monday.

  6. Andrea
    132 reps rx; C&J 135
    I thought this was a motivating way to start the open – not a sprint, but not a slog either, not overwhelmingly heavy. I thought this was fun. I could only go as fast as my T2B would hold up. I was doing 1s and 2s by the end. I was really happy with my C&J as 135 was my 1rep max back in September and I really haven’t done it since. Brock suggested that I started too light but I really was shooting for 125. I ran out of time with 135.
    Not sure I could have done anything differently. I am open to feedback

    • Great job Andrea!!!

  7. 15.1 93 reps
    15.1a 133lbs

    15.1 was a huge struggle for me. T2B were horrible. DL of course we’re fine and I thought snatches went well too.

    15.1a I am actually really happy about that. My 1 rep max 2 years ago was 140. I warmed up a lot and wasn’t able to get 135 so pulling out 133 makes me happy. My shoulders (both) were feeling rough.

    Gonna take it one again Monday. It can’t hurt.

    • I also haven’t C&J in over two months so I was NOT stoked to see it as part of this one, but like Brock said, now all my least favorite movements are over with 🙂

      • Redid it on Sunday

        120 Reps/138 C&J
        1. My shoulder felt better in general
        2. I switched shoes throughout
        3. I split snatched
        4. I took more heavy sets for my C&J
        5. I felt like doing it before gave me the experience to get a better score.

  8. 15.1=117
    T2b were not great. Benching yesterday made my chest and shoulders sore.
    Dreads and snatches were steady.

  9. 90 reps at 65lbs. T2B and snatches are two of my least favorite movements. I should have done 75lbs. If you can do the workout safely at the rxd weight, do it. I left feeling unsatiafied knowing I should have just done it.

    Clean and jerk 125 lbs. Got under 130 twice but couldn’t stand it up. It felt SO good throwing heavy weight around again.

  10. 15.1 93
    15.1a 150

    Toes to bar are not my friend. I did then all one at a time on the skinny bar.

    Was happy with 150 because I as catching high as not to squat deep and didn’t think I’d get more than 140.

  11. 15.1
    120 reps @ 95
    T2B were mainly 5,5,5 except my last round
    DL were a breeze at that weight
    Scaled due to snatches, but was able to link 5 singles together each time at 95 lbs

    Got under 185 but did not complete it.
    I don’t think I have 1RM this lift but I was happy with what I got.

  12. 15.1 – 91 reps
    I gamed this to save some gas for C&J. Probably could get another 10-20 reps if I had to, but T2B Isa weakness. Snatches felt heavy and I treated them as heavy singles with form over speed.

    15.1a – 186, 206, 226, 231 for a 6# PR

  13. On the first stage I got 5 rds plus 2 reps or 152. T2B 654x 3 then started to break at fatigue. 4-4-4-3 etc. Snatches all unbroken. I was surprised at the snatches, not as bad as I thought. I have some points to gain by not resting as long between the deads and the snatches. On the second stage I had a ton of problems with my knee wraps, getting them on was a challenge to my fatigued forearms and brain. I lost a lot of time and basically had 2 minutes to lift. Got 166 and then 187.5 easy. I will open at 185 on monday, expect 205 with a little luck and then see if I can surprise myself beyond that,

  14. 116 reps, started 3×5 for the first 2 sets of T2B then it failed and went to singles.
    Ran out of time on the C&J I finished at 218.50. Next time start higher and don’t change shoes and leave the knee sleeves off. Split snatches were the most efficient way I saw Brock doing them and tried. Of course he made it look easier. Need to practice them

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