WODs for Wednesday 3-4-15 and Thursday 3-5-15. Please note 5 and 6 pm are cancelled.

March 4, 2015

Apologies to all affected, we are canceling 5 and 6 pm tomorrow. We will offer a compensatory 2 hours of Open Gym on Sunday as well as normal Open Gym time on Saturday. Both sessions 10-12.

Wednesday 3/4/15

If weather permits the WOD is

Every 5th minute: 1 400 M run, for time. Score is cumulative time.

That’s it! Nothing else. So KILL these runs! If weather keeps us inside or injury prevents you from running, please go 5x 2 on 4 off any mix of max effort row, airdyne, heavyrope or burpees.

Thursday 3/5/15

Digging back from long ago “The abominable abdominal”

For time

20 GHD situps then
10 Rounds of 10 situps/10 toes to bar ( if you did 15.1 on monday, change this to a stiff legged raise)


Shoulder prehab.



  1. Last performed on 3-29-12.

  2. Thursday should be renamed “Upper Buttcrack Cherry Day” …

    • Ha. Geoff, it’s actually much less rash inducing than say, 100 situps in a row.

      • Rash-less Induction Day? Nah, I like The Abominable Abdominal better. Looking forward to that one.

  3. Wednesday 1:15, 1:11, 1:13, 1:19, 1:17 Total: 6:15

  4. Wednesday 1:22, 1:17, 1:17, 1:21, 1:28 Total 6:45

    • So speedy!

  5. Tuesday’s WOD snatches / OHS
    65X50, 85X22, 105X11 WITH 2 DROPS
    OHS 65×47 1 drop, 85×16 1 drop, 10 5×5 1 drop.
    The grasshoppers were a bit painful on my shoulders and just plain SUCK

  6. Did monday’s thruster OT Box Burpee WOD in 18:43. Started out slow and got slower. Very rough. The difficulty I’m having with 95lb thrusters is really an indictment of how weak my legs have gotten. It’s gonna be a rough go one (or more) of these open workouts.

    • For the second time EVER I beat Brock in a workout. And it even involved thrusters!! Fuck you, old man! I’m taking you down one crippling joint at a time.

      • this made me spit my wine out. i want you to put this quote on a t-shirt or, better yet, stitch that shit on a pillow. that way he can prop his legs up on your f-you! nice work (both of you)

  7. Wednesday
    1:28, 1:30, 1:33, 1:34, 1:34 total 7:39 according to my math, but I think it was different on the board. Who knows. Above numbers are correct.

  8. Interval Day

    Row: 194

    Messed with damper settings from 3-4. I’ve done better in the past from 7-9.

  9. Of all the days that I had a deadline and missed today, it’s the day I didn’t have to lift anything heavy overhead!!

    I had my last winter singles league match tonight. 2 hours later in the crazy wind, finally won in the 3rd set!

  10. Thursday: bench 205
    156 reps in 12 min

  11. Thursday
    140 reps in the 13 minute range. i was almost done with round 6 at 12 minutes and finished that round.

    Shoulder Press – 80

  12. Thursday:
    cgbp: 100

    7 rounds + 13 = 173 rx

    Looking back at old scores for this, time cap was 15 minutes and it was knees to elbows.
    2 times I got 8 rounds even in 15 minutes, once with k2e & once with t2b
    another time was 13:46 with knees to chest

  13. Thursday
    181 reps in 12 min
    BP – 196 peak set

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