WOD for Friday 3-6-15 Open workout 15.2. Open Gym is Sat and Sunday 10-12 noon.

March 7, 2015

Against a 3 min clock, athlete must perform 2 cycles of 10 Overhead squats @ 95/65 and 10 Chest to Bar Pullups. If all 40 reps are achieved by the 3 minute mark, the clock is reset and the athlete continues with sets of 12, 14 16 etc until failure.



  1. 15.2 – 64 rx

    Considering I couldn’t do this rx last year, I’m good with this number!

    • Great work Jacqui. Score of the day I think

  2. 15.2=128rx
    last year 116rx

  3. 15.2= 72 rx
    then did it again with front squats and pull ups= 202

    • Greg

  4. 15.2 110 RX
    Last year 85 RX. Happy with the improvement

  5. 15.2 – 69rx

  6. Andrea
    15.2 – 39 effing reps Rx! That’s right, one away from the next round. WTH?! Will try again on Monday, blah, blah, blah

    • Andrea – I got 38 on the first try. I’m sure you’ll get a whole lot more next time!

      • Thanks, Jacqui! Tried again today, Monday! and got 79 reps Rx. Much happier with that
        ~ Andrea

  7. 81rx

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