WOD for Thursday 3-12-15

March 12, 2015

Open registered athletes.  It is recommended that you don;t work any of the weightlifting actions.   I suggest the following short metcons

EMOM x 5 – Ten LEGIT Box Jumps, no step ups.

Beyond that,  you may want to fine tune double unders or thrusters,  fast cycle burpees and/or wallballs and know where you are on the c2 row.  For instance, you should have a good idea of how many calories you can row at 80–85% full effort.

Athletes not registered for The Open.

Back Squat 4×8 @ 80-85% total effort.   Tempo 2-1-1-1.

then, your choice of one pulling action

4×8 Strict Pullup, 4×8-12 Supine row or  4×2 Rope climbs

and one pushing action

4×8 Bench Press, 4×8-12 Ring Pushups, 4×6-10 Ring Dips.



  1. open prep – got my 1st ring dip! Yay!

  2. Back Squat- 4 x 8 @ 80lbs
    Strict Pullups- 4 x 8, + 2 bands
    Bench Press- 3 x 8 @ 50lbs, 1 x 8 @ 55lbs

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