Saturday 3-28-15: Looking ahead: Long term programming, periodization and peaking.

March 18, 2015

We have 1 more open workouts to perform, the last one being released thursday March 26 and ending Monday march 30. At the conclusion of the Open, the programming will pivot and we will start a phase devoted to building strength, typically referred to as “strength bias” that will last approximately 9 weeks.

For many of you, myself included, the CF Open is kind of “the Super Bowl” that is to say, the peak of the training season. As some of you know, my personal performance in this year’s Open was disappointing relative to 2014. This was due to a combination of small injuries, life circumstance, being on the old side of my designated age bracket, and, truthfully, a lack of work and commitment on my part. For the past several days I have already started plotting out the next 11 months of training, with an eye towards peaking for the 2016 Open, when I will be at the younger edge of the NEXT age bracket (45-49) and, in that respect, best positioned for a decent ranking.

As I have casually mentioned this once or twice, people have asked after some of the details so I’ve decided to discuss this year long macrocycle in depth, on Saturday, 3-28 at 10am. Realizing that talking about what *I* plan on doing has limited appeal, we will also cover the broad view of what CrossFit programming will entail, and how, within the CrossFit framework, you can adapt and modify the training protocols to focus on a specific event.

CrossFit is a great methodology for broad, general, inclusive fitness. The phrase we often use is “preparation for the unknown and unknowable”. There IS room, however, to focus your preparation towards the entirely known and predictable. So, if you want to, for instance, complete a triathlon, or PR your 5k, or Deadlift 500 lbs, or do some obstacle races, or peak for a CrossFit competition, or climb Mt. Everest, we will discuss the how/what/when of what needs to deviate from our standard programming model.

Come with questions and expect to take an hour or so. Open gym will follow from 11-12.



  1. So what you’re saying is you can help me become the next Julie Foucher?! 😁 ok I’ll take being able to compete in a scaled division sometime next year.

    • I can get you pointed in the right direction for sure Jen, and given your work ethic, I think you’ll address the rest just fine.

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