WOD for thursday 3-19-15. And, congrats to a few recent “firsts”

March 19, 2015

COngrats are in order to some recent PR’s and frist time accomplishments.

First Muscle-ups: Joel, Clark and Larry
First Time completing a WOD prescribe: Rebecca M.
Totally Legit Butterfly Pullups: Ryan P.
First Unassisted Pullup(s) Jen N.

In addition, I believe we had several 5k pr’s at the Lo Tide Run, Kate, Susan and Rick off the top of my head.

It’s never bragging to let me know if and when you get something for the first time. This shit isn’t easy…

WOD is

emom x 21

A) 10 Thrusters @ 95/65
B) Airdyne M-15 Calories W-13 Calories
C) 20 KB Swings M-53, W-35

Score is total rounds completed. 21 rxd is your best possible score.

Open Athletes- To be honest, you can probably complete this if you feel up to it, and not compromise your capacity for 15.4. If anything’s a concern, it’s the thruster. Scale to 5 reps per round if you like.



  1. A thrusters 6 rounds rx
    B bike 6 rounds rx
    C kb swings 6 rounds rx

  2. 13 rounds- thrusters @50lb

  3. 19 rounds with 65lb s2o in place of the thrusters (saving my legs). Took one round of kb and one round of bike off.

  4. DNF – after round 4 and the kbs were wearing my shoulders out, I waved the white flag. I was whipped in my tennis match last night too.
    Rolled, stretched, shoulder therapy and hoping that helped get me feeling good for tomorrow!

  5. Scaled thrusters to 5 reps per round. Got 21 rods but could not have done so at 10 thrusters every round. Tough stuff!

  6. Brock, above

  7. Jason

    12 rounds RX
    5 thrusters, 4 kb, 3 hell bike

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