Interval day/Partner Workout 3-25-15

March 25, 2015

As a pair, in any order

A) Max Calories on the Airdyne in 10 minutes.

B) Max Rep Kettlebell Swings in 8 mins 53/35

C) Max Rep Heavy Rope in 6 minutes

D) Max Rep 5 m Shuttle run in 4 minutes

Rest 2 minutes between each action.

Partner’s randomly assigned by card draw, so don’t worry about the “I don;t wanna be the last kid picked” dynamic. Split up the action any way you like. be nice to your partner, especially if they’re new.



  1. Partner was Lindsey and she carried us through these wods
    Bike 181 calories
    KB 241
    Heavy Rope 729
    Shuttle Run 120

  2. Partner Amber, I held her back!!
    KB 216
    Rope 600
    Run 108
    Bike 149

  3. Partner was Kristen Fox
    AD 196
    KB 217 (my fault for our comparatively low number)
    Heavy rope 694
    Shuttle run 124

  4. Luck paired me with Jeff…he did all the work.
    Bike-185, KB-224, HR-570, Run-111

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