WOD for 3-27-15 Friday

March 27, 2015

For time
27 calories Row, 27 Thrusters 95, 65
21 & 21
15 & 15
9 & 9

Row is Leg drive in an “L” shape, then pull. Thrusters are leg drive in a vertical stance and a push. Combined and this WOD should be pretty mean.

This is your last 1. Give it your very best.



  1. 15.5. 12:22 RX will change a few things for a retake on Monday. Pretty tough

  2. 15.5
    11:39 rx. Tough workout!

  3. 15.5 @55lb- 16:03

  4. 10:16 Rxd. Thrusters went pretty well. Broke the 27 and the 21’s twice, 15’s once, 9’s unbroken. My row deteriorated badly, 15 cals took more than a minute. I think I can squeeze down into the 9:40’s or so. Will try again monday.

    • Great time Brock!

      • I said it already but wanted to say it again, great numbers today Brock. Looking forward to that 9:40!

  5. 15:22 rxd. This workout was not my friend.

  6. 15:50 @ 50 lbs.

  7. 11:27rx

  8. 12:46 @ 50# and really really shallow thrusters or deep s2o depending on your perspective. I have no doubt it would’ve been much longer with thrusters to depth. Good job everyone.

  9. 20:49 RX

  10. 10:54?
    I will redo it.

  11. Andrea
    Following Brock’s plan, I managed to finish at 10:40. Happy with this!

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