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WOD’s for the week. 4-27-15 to 5-1-15.

April 27, 2015


Monday- Pullup 4×5 for total load.  Accessory- 3x max effort Supine Row.  Work- 4 Min Max Rep Wallballs.  3 Min Max Rep Burpees, 2 Min Max Rep Box Jumps.  1 Min Max Rep Power Cleans 135/95.

Tuesday- Squat 4×5 for total load. Accessory-a) if your back rounds out 2×8 Good Mornings.  b) if your knees collapse in 4x banded 30-second squat.  Work- 30seconds on/ 30seconds off x 12 — odd minutes- KB Swing, even minutes Jump Squats.

Wednesday- Bench Press 4×5 for total load.  Accessory- 5×1 at 95% of 1 RM test. Work-  E5momx3- Row 500/400, Run 400.

Thursday- Shoulder Press 4×8 for load. Accessory- 3×5 Top 1/2 SP for fatigue.  Shoulder Prehab.  No Work test. Athlete’s discretion.

Friday- Deadlift 4×5 for total load.  Accessory- a)if your low back rounds out 3×12 GHD back extension. b) if your upper back collapses 3×8 Snatch grip deadlift at 75% of primary.  Work-Bergeron “Macho Man” EMOM out of a possible 15 minutes. 3 Cleans, 3 Front Squats, 3 S20 @ 185/115.

BLACK-  This is your deload week.  Your weights are purposely reduced.  Take last week’s numbers for 5 reps and perform them for triples, even though you could do more.  Your metcon’s are tough.

Monday- SP/Squat/Pullup  4×3 at last week’s loads.  No Accessory work.  Work-  “Nascar Your Plates”  5 rft of 8 Back Squats at 225, 8 S2O at 135.

Tuesday- E5momx5 Row 500/400, run 400.  Complete both in 5 minutes.  For Completion.

Wednesday- Deadlift 4×3 at last week’s loads.  Accessory- A) 3×5 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ Set 1 Loads  B) 3×8 ghd Back extension.  ROLL AND RECOVER.

Thursday- Master’s 2nd round wod # 1 2015- AMRAP in 5–5 Ring Muscle Ups, 10 Cleans @ 155/105.  Rest 10 Then Master’s wod # 1 From 2014- 3 RFT– 30 Row calories, 15 hspu, 50 Doubles

Friday- SP and Squat 4×3 with last week’s load.  Work –  100 Pullups, 100 wallballs for time.  Split any way you want.  Shoulder prehab.


A quick congratulations.

April 21, 2015

Lots of you moved in the right direction of FREDDY’S REVENGE today,  and for that,  WELL DONE.  You will see this one mroe time in 3 weeks and if you don;t have the push jerk in your toolbox, set some time aside to GET that movement nailed down.  That will make CrossFit in general and FREDDY’S REVENGE in particular a whole lot easier.


Wods for the week of 4-20-15 to 4-24-15

April 19, 2015

GOLD-  This is your first week of 4×5 as opposed to 8’s.   This is probably the most valuable third of the 9 weeks.  ANy uncertainty about procedure should be gone, and your familiarity with the lifts is now pretty good.  Bump your weight on the bar up 10% from your heaviest successfully completed set of 8 and adjust from there.  Additionally, you will see many of the same metcons you saw in the first week of 8’s.  Be aware of your respective scores so you can compare and hopefully, progress.

Monday-  Primary- 4×5 Pullup.  Accessory- 3×10 Dumbell Row. Work- Freddy’s Revenge 5 RFT 5 S20 at 185/115, 10 burpees

Tuesday- Primary- 4×5 Squat.  Accessory- 3×16 (8 per leg) alternating lunges.  Work- 30-20-10 Toes to Bar/ Wallballs

Wednesday- Primary- 4×5 Bench Press. Accessory- 3×8 Ring Press (Weighted dips, strict BW dips, kipping dips, ring pushups, scaled pushups).  Work-  3 on 1 off x 5 for reps  — 5 pushups, 10 situps, 15 airsquats

Thursday- Primary- 4×5 Shoulder Press, 3×8 Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press.  Work- 400 m run/60 KB swings, 400 m run/40 KBS, 400 m run/20 KBS.

Friday- Primary 4×5 Deadlift.  Accessory- none.  Work- 30-20-10  Row calories/ Hang Clean to Overhead 115/80

BLACK-  last week of 4×5.  Next week we will reduce your reps in a conscious decision to rest the athlete (typically referred to as “deloading”)

Monday-  4×5 Squat/Shoulder Press/Pullup based on Friday’s peak x 5.  Accessory-  Squat 1×20 @ 60% of Primary.  SP 1×20 @ 60% of Primary.  Pullup-  Max reps bodyweight x 1 Attempt.  Any style.

Tuesday-  Double metcon.  30-20-10 Toes to bar/Burpees.   rest 5 minutes  30-20-10 KB Swings/Situps.

Wednesday- Deadlift 4×5 for peak.  Accessory-  3×5 Deadlift from 3″ blocks.  Rest, roll, recover

Thursday- Work- 30-20-10 Row Calories/ Hang Clean To Overhead @ 115/75.  Rest 10 Minutes.  5 Minute max effort airdyne for calories.

Friday- 4×5 Squat and Shoulder Press for peak.  Set your 5 rep PR if possible.  Accessory 3×8 Wide Grip Pullups.  Squat- Work to a Heavy Single.  Shoulder Press- Work to a heavy single.


4-18-12/ Saturday Open Gym is 10 – 12

April 18, 2015

Revised WOD for Friday 4-17-15

April 17, 2015

Black you all will stay the same as previously posted.  4×5 for peak on the SP and your squat movement, as well as the accessory work.

Gold side,  your work capacity is

6 rft

200 m run

15 touch the ground Box Jumps 24″/20″

15 Wallballs

This is 1/2 the volumes per round of KELLY, but 6 rounds instead of 5.  Should be a challenge.


Reminder– 1 PM Wednesday is cancelled. All other classes intact.

April 15, 2015

On a related note,  most of you have had really good attendance since Strength Bias began.  Keep that up,  more than intensity, more than duration, your FREQUENCY is the most important factor in your progress.


WODs for the Week 4-13 to 4-17. 1 PM cancelled on Wednesday the 15th.

April 13, 2015

GOLD-  This is your last week of 4×8.  Next week the scheme changes to 4×5.  Please continue to document carefully.  Your progress is very much dependent on doing so.

Monday: Primary- 4×8 Pullup for total load. Accessory- 3x Chin above the bar static hold.  b) 3×8 Bent row. Work- AMRAP in 10: Max UNBROKEN sets of 5 Push Jerks @ 135/95.

Tuesday: Primary- 4×8 Squat for total load.  Accessory- 4×1 Singles Ascending (get an observer to judge your depth).Work- AMRAP 10- 1 Turkish Get up, 3 walking lunges, 1 Turkish Get down, alternate hands. Work- 2 on 4 off x 5 Airdyne Intervals

Wednesday: Primary- 4×8 Bench press for total load.  Work- 2 on 4 off x 5 Airdyne Intervals.

Thursday: Primary- 4×8 Shoulder Press for total load. Accessory- 1) 3×5 Push Press 2) 3×10 Dumbell Tricep Extension.  Work- 200 Ab contractions.  Athletes Choice.  Not for time.

Friday: Primary 4×8 Deadlift. Accessory 3×10 PVC Cobras.  Work- 30-20-10 Toes 2 Bar, Burpees

Black-  You have 2 more weeks in the 5’s.  By now, EVERYONE should be appropriately heavy on Monday’s.  Every set should be a challenge.

Monday: 4×5 Across of Squat, Shoulder Press, Pullup.  Record ALL sets and reps. Accessory-  Squat 3 Singles – Alternate (back or front, whichever you are NOT doing).  SP- 3x Max Effort HSPU.  Go strict if you can do 5 or more.  Kip if you must.  Pullup- 3×3 Negatives.  10% Heavier than Primary.  Jump up, 4 second smooth, even descent.

Tuesday: 3RFT, 15 reps of Toes to bar, S20 135/95, Box Jumps 24/20, Hang Cleans 135/95

Wednesday:  4×5 Deadlift.  peak at 90%.  Accessory- 3×10 pvc Cobras.  Rest and recover.

Thursday: 3 RFT- 3 Muscleups (rings rxd, but do Bar if you have them, C2B is the scale) 10 Squat Cleans 135/95, 20 Wallballs 20/14

Friday: SP and Squat for Peak.  Record Peak Set.  Accessory- sp 3×3 push press. Squat- 3×8 GHD Back Extension.