OPEN GYM SAT 10-12. Notes on the first week on Strength Bias

April 4, 2015

So, at the end of the first week, I realize we need a little more explicit instruction.  Sorry for any confusion.

Black Side Athletes:  First off I overprogrammed Friday.  You will NOT do 3×5 Pullups AND accessory work, you will ONLY do pulling accessory work on Fridays going forward.  Additionally, let me clear up your intensity scheme for Friday’s.  Going forward THIS is your rule of thumb:

1st set– 5-10% LESS than Monday’s 4×5 weights.

2nd set– Equal to Monday.

3rd set– 5-10% GREATER than Monday’s weights

4th set– Your discretion.  If set #3 was unsuccessful you should back down,  if you killed it and felt great, go for higher etc.

Gold Side Athletes—  Some of you have asked after altering a given lift.  Muscle-ups for pullups, Handstand Pushups for Shoulder Press and Cleans for Deadlifts.  These are all fine, but the nature of the programming changes.  For the remainder of the program I will include exercises and drills meant to drive those actions for any who are interested.

For example, here’s Monday’s programming for both sides


Primary- 4×8 Pullup for total load

Accessory- 3x Max effort Supine Row

Work- 4 Minutes- Max Rep Wallballs, 3 Minutes- Max rep burpees, 2 Minutes- max rep Box Jumps, 1 minute- Max Rep Power Cleans.  1 minute rest between efforts.  Scored Separately.


Primary- 4x 4-6 Chest to Ring Pullups.  Explosive pull

Accessory- 4x 6-8 Ring Rows. Explosive Pull

Accessory 2- Scapular retraction from the ab straps 3×8

Work capacity, as above if time permits.


4×5 Across @ Heaviest x5 from Friday 4/3/15

Squat Movement

Shoulder Press


Accessory work as time permits.

Squat- Good Morning 2×8  at 95/65

Shoulder Press- 3 Singles at 10% heavier than 4×5.

Pullup- Chin above bar max length  Static Hold x 2.



  1. Thank you for doing this Brock! I know it is extra work for you. I appreciate it and look forward to reaping the rewards!

  2. I second Shelby! Thanks Brock!

    ring pullups to armpit height @ bw x 4 x 4
    ring rows 6 x 3

    wb: 50
    burpees: 45
    box jumps: 32
    cleans: 11 @ 95lbs

  3. BS-130x4x5
    SP- 60x4x5
    Pullup BW- 127.6–>BWx5|BWx4|BWx4, 1@+1|BWx3 2@+1
    Good Morning 2×8 @65lb ✔️
    Shoulder Press- 3 Singles 66, 67, 67
    static hold- 20 sec, 8 sec

  4. Squat 185…..SP 115×19….PU + 32……GM 65….SP 125……PU hold 45&30

  5. Squat 215
    SP 120
    PU +25

    Good mornings @ 65/85
    SP 3 singles @ 132
    Static hold 37, 24

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