Open Gym 10-12 and some new equipment details

April 11, 2015

Open Gym 10-12 is a great place to make up a missed workout and/or finish setting your 1 rep maxes.

As most of you are aware, we are closing in on our moving date.  I’m still anticipating a date of May 15th but will, of course, keep you posted as I know more.

Meanwhile, we’ve got 1200 more sq  feet to fill so here’s some of what you can expect in the way of new equipment.

Among other things, we’ll pick up the following:

An additional Airdyne  (Please….Hold your applause till the end!)

A Concept 2 Ski Ergometer.

2 pairs of Rogue Dip Bars (rogue calls them “MATADOR’S“;  I assume, because it sounds cooler and/or tougher!)

5 New “Bella” Bars.  25 mm 15k/33lb Spin for days.  “Like lifting on a cloud!”  Reviews in the link.

A set of what’s called Neutral Grip Pullup Handles.  These are sometimes kinder to the shoulder than single bar pullups.

In addition,  we’ll be expanding the current pullup cage from it’s current 4 Squat Stations to a fifth and in the new facility the cage will run 5 racks side to side as opposed to 4 racks facing one another.  This will open the pullup space quite a bit.

Depending on many things, these items will be there at the  move or possibly shortly thereafter.  The exception is the Bella Bars which are on their way as we speak! I was trying to wait, but 6am is undoubtably sick of my frustration with bar shortages, so we pulled the trigger on those yesterday.  That should somewhat help the flow and pace of the very full early am classes.  I owe many of you early risers an apology for the tight quarters and equipment!  Thanks for your patience.

These are the known items.  They were likely be more here and there.  There’s boring stuff like flooring and extra storage on the way as well.  It IS possible that we will see the return of the lounge, as per our first location.  They leather coach, is unfortunately, long gone….



  1. All of that sounds fan- freaking-tastic!!!!! And I am crossing my fingers for the lounge!

  2. The leather couch may be long gone (or in a rental house in CB?), but I have a deck full of plastic Adirondack chairs just waiting for a sweaty, out of breath athlete.

    • Yes!!

    • *like*

  3. Sounds amazing! Can’t wait!

  4. The Ski erg is a fun addition. Ive had it in my house for a couple months. Another air resistance device like the Row and the AD.

  5. Just bought a professional Milwaukee Hamer drill encase you need a extra one for concrete anchors

    • Just was considering that this AM. Yea, the bolts to the rig are glued in, Extracting that thing may be a huge issue, so very possibly that drill may be key. Thank you for the offer.

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