Moving Schedule and WODS for M/T/W 5-4.5.6-15

May 4, 2015

So, with some good luck we are looking at moving the gym this coming weekend.  A tentative schedule is below.  I will update everyone as the week goes on.

As of Tuesday 5-5 we will celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the traditional Mexican way,  by beginning the dismantling of the pullup rack.  Mexican’s are known the world over for their hatred of pullups and toes to bar and while we have no members of Mexican descent,  we honor our neighbor to the south by respectfully observing their customs.  This is not a task that requires help, just be aware that the pullup rack  will possibly be unavailable after Monday.

Friday 5-8.  5 and 6 pm classes will be cancelled and at roughly 4 pm, we will begin the breakdown of the gym and possibly, depending on how fast we move, the loading of and transporting to our new location.  Food and booze provided.

Saturday 10am.  The process continues whether we are loading at the old place or unloading at the new.  Based on progress I will update you here and on the Facebook.

Sunday.  We SHOULD be done by then, with only mobile equipment to rearrange.  No help is needed but you are welcome to stop by and kick the tires, etc.

Please note that while I   am   looking for help;  moving a gym goes far beyond expectations.   No one should feel obligated in any way.   With 10-12 people the process of shoving everything into a truck and driving the 1 mile should take about 2 hours.  It will likely be slightly faster to unload it from truck to new location.   The pullup rig is the only part that’s complex.  The astroturf is the only single piece of equipment that’s likely to need more than 2 people to lift. Moving the Floor mats are a large portion of the work.

Food/Booze Friday night and Saturday day.  If you think it’s likely that you will pitch in, please rsvp and that’ll help me get enough to eat/drink.   Of course even if you didn’t rsvp and you find yourself with time on your hands one of those times, DO come on in.


Gold- this is your last week of 4×5.  Push hard.

Monday- 4×5 Pullup. 3×8 Bent Row.  Work-  400 m run.  21-15-9 Thrusters/Pullups.  400 m run.

Tuesday- 4×5 Squat.  4×1 Squat Singles.   Work- 3x Backwards tire drag x 4lengths for time.

Wednesday-  4×5 Bench Press. DB Tricep Extension 3×8.  Airdyne intervals 2 on 4 off x 3 for calories.

Black- You are now in the second phase.  4×3.  Same M-F scheme as the 4×5.

Monday- SP/Squat/Pullup 4×3 across.  Accessory:  Squat  3x Heavy Single.  Pullup 3×5 Negatives.  Shoulder Press 2x ME HSPU.

Tuesday- Work  3 rft 15 reps T2B, s20 @ 135/95, Box Jumps 24″, 20″, Hang Cleans 135/95.

Wednesday- 4×5 Deadlift.  3×12 PVC Cobras.  Stretch, roll, recover.



  1. I can help Friday. No booze needed.

  2. I’m in for Friday night if you need the help. I also have an electric impact wrench that will make short work of the squat racks.

  3. As per the last move, I will not be available. We will be out of town 😦

  4. 21,15,9 pull-ups are going to be a bear after the pull up 4×5.

    • Jason, yes the pullup load is significant. However, the 4×5 are strict and the 21-15-9 are any style.

  5. i’m working friday and all weekend! but cannot wait to see the new space! congrats

    • Gee THANKS. Have fun…. (cough)”working”.

      • Believe me if rather be dragging bars to the new place.

  6. Black Monday
    Back squat 265 until last set. Went down to 255.
    Shoulder press 150 all sets
    Pull ups + 113 on all sets. Failed on last set. Only got 2 reps

  7. Monday: Gold:
    1×10 ring swings
    5×1 top 1/2 ring pull ups

    work: 12:48 rx

    John and I can help on Friday and have a pick up truck to load with stuff

  8. I can help alll day on Saturday. I also have a I Milwaukee hammer drill if needed

  9. Gold Monday

    Pullups BW 180 plus 38lb vest and 10 lb plates and chain. 230 total.


    WOD 12:15 RX…dont mind if I never see that again.

    • Joel and Micah are avaialable to help Friday night.

  10. Monday Gold

    Pullups mixed grip BW+12.5×20
    9:46 Rx

  11. I’ll definitely help move both days.

  12. Black BS 205×12, heavy single 235, SP 125×12, PU + 55 x 12

  13. Black: 4×3 301 back squats. Just felt weak.
    4×3 186 shoulder press, had to drop from 200.
    4×3 +60 pull ups
    1×33 HSP

  14. Black Tuesday
    13:29 rx ( slower than last time)

  15. Monday

    pullups bw+7.5×10, bw+5×10

    work – 10:37 rx

  16. FS 175, 175, 180, 180
    FS Heavy single for a PR at 201
    Completed the tire drags

    • Black Side: 11:54
      *thanks for coming to 5pm Andrea

      Then worked on weighted lunges and HSPU

  17. Pull-ups – 17@+5, 3@bw
    FS- 110, 115, 115, 105

  18. Black Tuesday
    12:52 rx

    Jill thanks for pushing me, great job!

    I should be there to help Friday night, looking forward to it

  19. Tuesday
    FS 130×10, 125×10

    1 rep single – 140 (1rm at test in)

    Did the drags

  20. Gold Tuesday:
    FS: 105 x 5 x 4 = 2100
    1 rep single: 125
    4×3 tire drags, 1 heavy, 2 light

  21. Today was rough due to illness. Didn’t get to accessory work. Black: shoulder press 4×3 61lbs, back squat 4×3 120, pull ups bw+5.

  22. i did a bunch of front squats at 75lbs. to something lower than the stupid bench. AND my hip doesn’t hurt now. so. progress. and i did the tire drags. yay.

  23. Black Wednesday
    Deadlift 295, 305, 305, 305

  24. Monday
    PU 4×5 BW – 2 small assist
    WOD: 19:55

  25. Wednesday
    Bench 215×20= 4300
    WOD: Airdyne-36,32,30 total 98

  26. Wednesday Gold:
    FS: 95 x 5 x 3, 100 x 5 = 1925
    airdyne = 57 – just did this to move my legs, tennis match tonight

  27. Black Wednesday : back pain during deadlifts, GHD and rolled out

  28. Black
    DL: 331 across all sets
    BP: 215 across all sets

  29. DL 331×3, 331×2, 316×3 twice

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