WODs for Thursday and Friday. Move Schedule Reminder.

May 7, 2015



4×5 Shoulder Press for total load

3×5 Push Press for load

Work- 3 RFT 15 reps Wallballs, Box Jumps, Power Snatches @ 95/65, OTB Burpees


4×5 Deadlift

3x 8-12 PVC Cobras

Work- 2 rounds for reps  3 Minutes per Action A) Heavy Rope B) Rope Climb C) Air Squats.  Running clock.  3 Minutes rest between rounds.  Score actions separately.



Work- 10 to 1  Hang squat Snatches @ 115/80.  1 rope climb between each round.  5 Burpee Penalty per dropped bar.


4×3 For Peak:  Squat and Shoulder Press

Accessory-  Double Dumbell Row (pullups).  3 attempts at a heavy SP single.  Rear Leg Elevated Lunges (Squat).

REMINDER, the last training session on Friday is the 1 pm,  After which I’m running a few last minute errands to prepare for the exodus to CFCB 3.0.  Gladly accepting all help starting at 5pm with a hard stop at 8pm no matter what.  Food and beer on site.

No Open Gym this weekend.  Move continues Saturday at 10 am.  Projecting a 1 pm conclusion and more food and beer.

I aim to make the move as fun as moving can be,  you are under no obligation to stay any longer than you damn well feel like.  All hands are useful and any time is appreciated.



  1. Black: 24:44 RX this was tough for me. I was able to catch all of them deep, which was my goal.

  2. Black Thursday
    20:52 scaled to 95. Really need to work on these.

  3. I can be there on Friday from 5-630 and then as needed on Saturday


  4. SP: 55×5, 65×5, 70×5, 72×5 (1rm) = 1310 – happy with the SP today
    PP @ 85

    work: 150 RX – spent most of my time with the snatches

  5. Gold side: 12:31 RX

  6. sp: 70x5x3, 67×5= 1385 (up from 1260 2 weeks ago 😉
    wo: 16:?? at 55# and 30 mountain climbers instead of burpees. none of that was fun! but psyched to snatch and squat with my WB again!

  7. Black : 301 max set BS. Back is not 100% and honestly I’m scared to hurt it more.
    Shoulder press max set 196….barely!
    Bench lunges! Oh My that was a burner. Felt good on the back.

  8. Friday Gold:
    cleans: 105 x 3 x 4 = 1260

    HR: 390 something
    RC: 7
    AS: 180

  9. Friday Black
    Back squat 275
    Shoulder press failed at 155. Got 145

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