WODs for Tuesday and Wednesday 5-12 & 13-15

May 12, 2015

Thanks to all who came to kick the tires in the new gym today.  I hope your experience was enhanced by the location change.  While I very often say “I’m here to make you fit not happy”  that is entirely facetious, and nor are the two exclusive of one another.   In fact, we consistently hope that your time at the gym be the best and most rewarding hour of the day,  or at least in the top 2.

One administrative note:  The changeover from 6 to 7 is our highest traffic volume.  Please be aware of the several spaces on the far side of Souther Sign HQ.  You can’t miss them, and I will park thereabouts tomorrow.  This is preferred vsdirectly in front of the SS building.  Also, parking in the lane between SS and the post office is totally cool.

There are, quite understandably, many questions,  a few of which I’ll try to address briefly.

Ropes and rings will be up soon.  Likely by the end of the week/weekend. Meanwhile, ring training can be preserved by mounting your rings from one of our higher pullup bars.

Outdoor running will likely take the following route:  Out the garage door bay, across our parking lot, across the post office parking lot, and then down the back road towards Coastal Christian High School.  I hope to have separate turnaround points at 200, 400 and 800 giving you mile runs with only one dead stop.  We should have these established a few days after the rain lets up,  so definitely by August.

The Lounge.  Beloved by all the membership still with us from CFCB1.0 @ the Boardwalk, the lounge makes it’s triumphant return.  We’ll have a minimum of 3 recovery chairs (they will, again, look very much like the plastic Adirondack chairs you see outside of Harris-Teeter) possibly a coffee table, perhaps complete with fitness related magazines.  Our whiteboard and leaderboards will probably mount on the front wall.

Kids Programming-  Jim K.  who currently administers the youth athletic development program that’s operated inside our doors for the last few years will likely maintain a similar if not identical schedule.  During the summer, kids may workout out during our 8-845 Open gym time, in which case we’d add additional Open Gym hours elsewhere.

Child care- The problem IS,  of course YOUR kids are great and well behaved, but if we accommodate them, we have to accommodate that guy’s kids who suck, or a snooty guest from Fairfield County brings their God Awful spawn and let’s them cry forever because that’s the way we do it in the north, etc etc.    As the website says (if you havent already done so, please go look at the site HERE. the gym’s not a great environment for kids, BUT if bringing your kids is your only option, we want you in the gym.  Just bring them some benadryl, or a violent, immersive video game etc to keep them sedated and/or occupied.

OK- WODS are


Tuesday-Primary  4×3 Squat.   Accessory 3×8 lunges for load.  Work-  for time.  30-20-10 Toes to bar, Burpees (last performed 4/21)

Wednesday- Primary 4×3 Bench Press.  Accessory 3×5-8 bar dips.  Work- 3 on, 1 off x5 rounds of 5 Pushups, 10 Situps, 15 Air Squats.  For reps.


Tuesday-  DT.   5rft of 12 Deadlifts/9 Hang Cleans/6 s20 @ 155/105

Wednesday- 1st- 4×3 Deadlift  2nd- 3×2 Pulls From 3″ deficit. 3×10 GHD Back extensions. Stretch, Roll and recover.



  1. Tuesday Black. DT 13:38 RX
    If anyone can remember when we did this last please let me know.

  2. Monday PU: 3xbw, 9xbw-red
    Supine row3x( 8,7,7)
    Tuesday WOD: 13:23 w/knees to chest
    Today is one year crossfit anniversary!

    • WOW! That time flew. Very glad you’re aboard Jason! Wish you could make it more often!

  3. Tuesday Black 14:51 rx

  4. DT: 13:10 @65. Tried 75 after the fact and probably should have done that even though 65 felt pretty heavy. This week is one year for me too!

    • I defintiley remember your foundations session, Jen. You’ve done a lot in a year.

      • I’ve learned from the best! I will never forget telling you in foundations “I just want to look good” as my goal. Haha.

  5. DT 13.47 @75lbs. Previous that I could find January 2013, must have been a time cap…got 4 rounds + 4 s2o @60lbs.

  6. Tuesday Gold:
    FS: 115×3, 125×3, 130x3x2 = 1500 (125 avg, last week 105 avg, 130 1rm)

    work: 12:04 rx – 1st time using the fat bars with wax in a workout. Round 1 went well, round 2 got slippery & lost the ability to grip, round 3 I couldn’t hold on and kept falling off

  7. Monday – pull-ups 10@+10, 10@+12.5
    Tuesday – FS 115, 120, 125, 125, work 13:44 mostly rx’d. Failed to make contact with the bar 5-6 times.

    • DT @75- 7:43. 4×5 deadlifts – 175, 180, 185(2), 175

  8. DT 13:58RX previous best was 15:00rx

  9. DT 10:30 @ 115lbs

  10. Monday DT: 12:06rx
    Tuesday 30/20/10: 8:30 rx

    • Wednesday 563rx
      Bench press: 4×3@120
      Squats Tuesday were bad: 1×3@160, 1×2@165, 1×3@160, 1×1@165.

  11. Tuesday Black

    DT 13:46 @135lbs (did first round @155, but S2O limitations prevented me from continuing rx’ed).

    Really need to get back into a consistent groove or hang this up.

  12. Wednesday Black
    Deadlift peak set at 315. PR for me.

  13. Wednesday 4×3 peak. 275-295-315-335pr

    • Nice!!

  14. Black Deadlifts : back is getting better. Peak set 335. I hope to be good on testing day.

  15. Wednesday Gold:
    cgbp: 105 (1rm) x 3 x 3, 110 x 3 = 1275

    work: 563 (last time 537)

  16. Wednesday
    DL 295, 315, 325, 325 felt good
    Deficit 265

  17. Wednesday Black/Gold

    BP: 220 across 4 sets
    Dips – 3 x 10
    DL: Pulled 331 across 4 sets last week. Pulled 275 once today while warming up and felt a pop in my lower back. Go figure.

  18. Wednesday black: deadlift 135,155,165,165. 3″ deficit @ 135. GHD 3×8 +15 lb

  19. Wednesday Gold:
    Bench: 225,245,235,235
    WOD:332 4rds

    • 300 in 5 rounds on the WOD last month. Great progress!

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