WOD’s for the week of 5-18 to 5-22.

May 18, 2015

Gold- We have two weeks remaining in the cycle. Your primary lift sets drop and become peak focused,  meaning that somewhere in your 3 sets of 3 reps you are looking to hit the heaviest weight you can.  You are no longer concerned with total poundage.  Your posted score (our new scoreboards should be ready by monday evening) is your heaviest successfully completed set.  So if your sets go 115×3, 135×3 and 145×2  your score is 135.

Your accessory work becomes more important and there are now 2 accessory actions instead of just one.  Although these are NOT scored, your intensity here should be very high.

Monday- Primary  Pullup 3×3 for peak.  Accessory A) Bent row 3×5.  B)Standing Barbell Bicep Curl 3×8.  Work- For Time- Run 800 M, 50 Snatches at 95/65, Run 800 M.

Tuesday- Primary Squat 3×3 for peak.  Accessory A) Squat 3×2 with a 2 second pause at below Parallel.  B)GHD Back Extension 3×5  Work- 5RFT 30 doubles, 15 grasshoppers.

Wednesday- Primary  Bench press 3×3 for peak.  Accessory A) Top 1/2 Bench Press 3×5 B) Ring Pushups 3×5.  Partner add load.  Work- GRACE –  30 Clean and jerks (ground to overhead) for time.  135/95.

Thursday- Primary Shoulder Press 3×3 for peak.  Accessory A) 3×5-10 Bar Dips  B) Dumbell tricep extension 3×5-8 Work- Open Gym, as you see fit.  Don’t do anything shoulder or low back intensive.

Friday- Primary  Deadlift 3×3 for peak (do not exceed 90% of total effort if you are uncertain about your ability to maintain spinal extension).   Accessory  (performed after the work capacity)- A) 3×5 Deadlift from 3′ blocks.   B) PVC Cobras 3×10  Work- For Time  40 Wallballs, 20 OTB Burpees, 10 Deadlifts at 80% of Primary, 20 OTB Burpees, 40 Wallballs.


Monday-  3×3  Across on the squat, shoulder press and pullups.  Accessory – Squat: 4×1 Singles Greater than Primary but no misses. Shoulder Press-3×3 Negatives. Push jerk up, Shoulder Press down.  Pullup:  3×5 Snatch Grip Bent Row.  Go heavy.

Tuesday-  Work:  ForTime  20 snatches at 95/65,  10 Box Jumps (rxd is no Step) 30/24″,  15 Snatches at 115/80, 15 Box Jumps 24/20″, 10 Snatches at 135/95, 20 Box Jumps 20/16″

Wednesday- Deadlift 3×3 for peak. GHD back extension 3×5.  Rest and recover.

Th or F-  Squat and SP for peak 4×3.  Accessory- 3×5-8 Lunges, rear Leg elevated.  SP- 4×1 Heavy singles.  Greater than Primary but no misses.  Pullup- Weighted Static Hold 1x each +70lb KB,  +53Lb KB, +35lb KB.  Work- 10 Minute AMRAP  10 AD calories/10 Burpees,  rest 10  Then 5 rft 30 Doubles/15 Grasshoppers.



  1. Black: worked up to 295 x 3. 205 for shoulder press. 185 for negative shoulder press. Did not get to pull ups or heavy single back squats.

  2. Pull-ups – peak set – +15. Got +20×2
    Work – 13:34 @55

    • FS – 125 peak
      SP – 77, 80×2
      Grace – 5:29@85

  3. Monday black: back squat 125
    Shoulder press 61.5
    Pull up bw +7.5
    Accessory: snatch grip bent row @55
    Shoukder press negatives @65
    Single back squat 130

  4. Monday gold:
    ring work
    work: 14:08 @ 55 – went cautious with my shoulder due to 3 1/2 hrs of tennis on Saturday

  5. BS-140x4x3
    PU- 137.6×5, 135.2x 3, 133.4×3
    SP- 62.5×3, 71×2, 69.5×2, 68×3

    Accessory-BS singles- 145, 150, 150
    SP neg- 68x3x3
    Bent row- 55, 65, 75

  6. Gold, Scaled to 75 lbs. 17:46. The heat was immense, slowed me down big time no doubt. YAYYY summer.

  7. BS 225, peak single 245…..PU 70lbs…..SP 130

  8. Monday Gold
    MU work
    13:35 rx

  9. 16:33 with a mile bike on each side and 55# snatch.

  10. Tuesday Black: 15:10 RX. I split snatch from start Joel caught in squat which was faster. I would catch low next time.

  11. Tuesday Gold 11:20 RX My Doubles were off terribly today.

  12. Tuesday black: not a fan! 19:17 55lb snatch on all sets, 1st round did the squat, round 2&3 power snatch. Rx box jumps. Trying to be optimistic that 2 months ago I couldn’t even snatch 50 lbs.. However would really like to see this movement improve. I guess today was good practice!

  13. Tuesday- I did the Black side reverse ladder of snatches/box jumps. 14:28 First WOD that matched the programming in a while and first 30″ box jumps in forever. Was pleased to be able to hit all 10 decently fast with no missed reps. Did the 115 in sets of 3 touch and go reps, did the 135s as ten split snatch-reset the feet- then OH squat singles. THAT was disappointing. Future goal for this workout would be to catch some or all of those with no spilt and ride it to the bottom.

  14. Tuesday gold:
    12:01 @ home – that was the worst display of dus that I have had in long time. I should have finished in 1/2 that time!

  15. Out tommorow so I did DL – 336lbs peak

    • Bob. I am starting to take this personal.

      • I’ll be back on track next week!

  16. Made up yesterday pull-ups: 4×3 @ BW+20
    Today: FS, really struggled, ended up doing heavy singles- 180, 185, 188, 190
    Made up yesterday gold:13:55 Rx
    Today: 7:33 Rx- did the first 3 rounds of DU’s unbroken- happy about that.

  17. Black Tuesday
    13:48 rx

  18. Tuesday Black
    22:11 but could not go low on 135.

  19. Monday PU- BW

    Tuesday WOD:100 singles/15 grasshopper- cap 15:00 completed 4 rds plus 26 (singles)

    Wednesday BP-245

  20. Monday – pullup bw+15, run/snatch/run 15:12? something like that, rxd

    Tuesday – front squat 135, DU/grasshoppers 9:22 rxd

    Wednesday – bench 105 (115 for 2), grace 5:22 rxd

  21. Wednesday black. Back pain stopping me from going higher. 306 peak deadlift.

  22. Wednesday black: deadlift 3×3 155,165,170 (170 was NOT pretty) GHD 3×5 with 15 lbs

  23. Wednesday Black
    Peak deadlift 325

  24. Wednesday Gold

    BP 225X’s3 ALMOST got 230.

    GraceRX, more like disGRACE 5:55 very far off my PR of 3:26…Must. lift. more.

  25. Thursday Black
    Back squat 275
    Shoulder press 150

  26. Thursday

    SP: 185
    Bar dips: BW, +20,+25
    Open gym: 50 sit-ups

  27. Thursday Black: due to back pain did light, slow and deep sets up to 195 BS.
    SP peak set 195.
    Fail on static hold at +70.
    3×8 with 35 vest single leg lunge

  28. Thursday black: ad/Burpee: 5rds(100 reps) in 10 min
    Grasshopper/singles: approx 9 min(probably less but clock got shut off and I was guessing)

  29. Made up a bunch of lifts – peak sets:
    FS: 135
    BP: 105 (2 at 110)
    SP: 85

  30. Wednesday Gold
    Bench press: 122
    Grace 4:20 rx

  31. Thursday gold
    Shoulder press 100
    Front squat 165

  32. 10 min AD/Burpee=148
    5ds 30DU/15Grasshoppers=5:23

  33. Thursday black. Had to leave early so picked 1 workout
    DU/grasshoppers–10:19 singles

  34. Bench 3×3 130lbs
    Grace 3:17

    • Crushed it!!!!!

  35. Friday Black
    Bike/ Burpees in 10 min 7 rounds
    DU/Grasshoppers 7:46

  36. Murph: 49:35 RX. Great job to Brad who is over 50 and did Murph in 45:17

    • Great work both of you! Also notable, Brad did Deadlifts prior to Murph.

      • I know, he’s a machine

  37. Friday:
    peak clean: 115
    work: 14:05 with 95lb cleans

    1:15 singles tennis match (won)

  38. Friday
    DL 3×3 peaked 365; stayed a bit lighter than expected due to back pain.
    WOD: 13:40 w/295 DL’s

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