Weekend/Holiday Schedule. MURPH details, and some noteworthy performances.

May 20, 2015

We will be closed Sunday and Monday to observe Memorial Day.

Saturday we will, in the CrossFit tradition, run the BenchMark Workout MURPH.

Entirely optional, entirely scaleable.  MURPH as rx;d is

for time

run 1 mile

100 pullups

200 pushups

300 air squats

run 1 mile

Row sub = 2k x 2.  Airdyne sub= 2 Miles x 2

The calisthenics partition anyway you want.  To do them in the order written is much harder and is NOT prescribed.

We will be open regular open gym hours 10-12 and  send people out in heats every 15 minutes.  Last heat leaving at 11:15.

Some notable performances.  Neal and Andrea sub 12 on the Black side reverse ladder of Snatches/Box Jumps.   I was at 14:28 and thought I was doing OK.  a 3 minute spread is a huge margin to be beat by. Day ruined.  Ryan Perkins Front Squat 310×3!  Test in was 285.  My all time PR 300…x1.  Day worse…. Zack Parker, consecutive double unders well into the double digits.  I used to be able to do that…. Day at rock bottom.  At least I have my cool-ass speaker to play sad songs with.

Well done everyone.  I’m looking forward to test out week!



  1. Murph 45:35 preformed on Friday 6am class

    • 49:35. Brad was 45:17

  2. murph 48:19 with a 20lb vest. This was a bummer as i was 3 mins slower than last year.
    1st mile=8:10 (30 seconds slower)
    1/2 way mark=23:45
    Finished all reps and headed out for last mile at 38:45
    2nd mile 9:44

  3. Murph: 52:54 rx – 7 min PR

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