WOD for Tuesday 5-26-15

May 26, 2015

First,  please be advised that while officially, test out is M-T-W of next week, if your schedule is such that you’re away next week OR you feel like you are peaking right now (test in 1 rm x3 or 10% better than your test in 1 rm) you can test out this week. We haven’t done that before, but in the past we’ve seen some athletes peak slightly ahead of test out.  Totally up to you.


Pullup 3×3 for peak AND Squat 3×3 For peak.

Accessory-  A) 4×1 for peak both Pullup and Squat. B) Pullup- Double dumbell row 3×6-10.   Squat- Banded squat tempo controlled at 10-10-10-x.

Work- 5 Minute amrap- 5 c2b pullups/5 Hang Squat Cleans @ 115/80


3×3 Across Pullup, Squat, Shoulder Press.

Accessory- Pullup- 3×6-8 Double Dumbell Row.  SP- Top 1/2 SP 4 heavy singles.  Squat- Banded squat tempo controlled @ 10-10-10-x



  1. muscle up work with several failed attempts
    1 fs @ 125 and quickly found out that I am still not recovered from Murph – will do squat work later this week
    during a tennis match yesterday morning I also found out that I was still beat up

  2. Forgot to post on the board
    Pull-ups – 2@+15. Blech. Failed to get 3 on all attempts. Singles @+20
    Front squats – mostly sets of 2, got one set of 3@125. Failed the heavier singles, did them all at 110

  3. pull ups. i’m stalled out at one band for 1 and 2 bands for two. lather. rinse. repeat.
    working on front squats weight and depth: 95x5x2, 100x5x3.
    did the workout @80 with hang cleans. 1/2 bands. 4 rnds +4pu

  4. I came in for about 4.5 seconds.
    Pull-ups BW+25x2x3
    Pull-ups BW+38x3x1

  5. BS 225,225,225,225…..SP 115,125,130,140×2….PU 70,72.5, 72.5,72.5×2…..did one leg less rope climb, it’s alongway up there!!!

  6. Back squat: 145 x 5
    Not doing pull-ups right now so bent rows 65 for 12 x 3
    Did banded squats x 3
    WOD – changed a bunch – bent row x 5/front squat x 5 at 85 for both – 5 rounds plus 5 bent rows

  7. I’m testing out this week.
    Pullups bw+25 (up from +10)
    Front squat 155 (up from 140)

    Work 5 rounds – regular pullups (not c2b)

  8. Thursday black 20:43 with hspu kipping

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