I don’t ask for much….

May 27, 2015

but please resume posting your scores on our brand new, superawesome weekly whiteboards. It is more important to your fellow members than perhaps you realize.

You are not getting all you pay for if you just kind of stroll in, do whatever I’m asking you to do, stroll out and kinda think you’re getting better, maybe. I mean I feel like I’m stronger, I think. And last week I did 185 for 5 or maybe it was 190 for 4, I’m not sure…

So please,  as a personal favor to me, or to Whitney if you like her better (which is fine, totally fine,  whatever I’m not mad) please write your scores down before you leave.

Posting on the website would be great as well…



  1. I only post for Whitney.

  2. I’ve been totally slack about writing on the white boards and posting on the website, but I promise to try harder (just for you Brock and Whitney. I do write down my numbers for my own purpose in a notebook.

    • Thank you Kathleen. recording on your own is even MORE important than on the boards, so I appreciate it.

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