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WOD’s for Friday 5-15-15

May 15, 2015


Primary- Deadlift 4×3 for total load.  Accessory- 3×3 Deadlifts from a 3″ defcit. 75% of primary.  Work- For time 25 Thrusters, 1 Bear Crawl Lap/  20 Thrusters, 2 Bear Crawl laps/  15/3,  10/4. 5/5 For time.  Thrusters 85/55 lbs.


Squat and Shoulder Press 4×3 for peak. Squat Accessory- 4×2 Alternate Squat.  Shoulder Press Accessory- 4×1 SP Singles from the top. (Push Jerk to the top, then drop and rebound strict SP x1)  Pullup Accessory – 4x Singles from the top.  Jump up, descend then pull up.


WOD for Th. 5-14-15

May 14, 2015


Primary Strength-  4×3 Shoulder press for total load  Accessory Strength-  4×3 Top Half Shoulder press @ 80-90% of Primary.

Work- For time– 1/2 Mile Airdyne, 15 Burpees, 25 KB Swings, 15 Burpees, 1/2 Mile Airdyne.  We’ve done something very similar with 500 m rows replacing the 1/2 mile Airdyne.  This should be comparable in time and suffering.


30-20-10  For time – Row Calories, WallBalls

Rest 10  then

30 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20″


WODs for Tuesday and Wednesday 5-12 & 13-15

May 12, 2015

Thanks to all who came to kick the tires in the new gym today.  I hope your experience was enhanced by the location change.  While I very often say “I’m here to make you fit not happy”  that is entirely facetious, and nor are the two exclusive of one another.   In fact, we consistently hope that your time at the gym be the best and most rewarding hour of the day,  or at least in the top 2.

One administrative note:  The changeover from 6 to 7 is our highest traffic volume.  Please be aware of the several spaces on the far side of Souther Sign HQ.  You can’t miss them, and I will park thereabouts tomorrow.  This is preferred vsdirectly in front of the SS building.  Also, parking in the lane between SS and the post office is totally cool.

There are, quite understandably, many questions,  a few of which I’ll try to address briefly.

Ropes and rings will be up soon.  Likely by the end of the week/weekend. Meanwhile, ring training can be preserved by mounting your rings from one of our higher pullup bars.

Outdoor running will likely take the following route:  Out the garage door bay, across our parking lot, across the post office parking lot, and then down the back road towards Coastal Christian High School.  I hope to have separate turnaround points at 200, 400 and 800 giving you mile runs with only one dead stop.  We should have these established a few days after the rain lets up,  so definitely by August.

The Lounge.  Beloved by all the membership still with us from CFCB1.0 @ the Boardwalk, the lounge makes it’s triumphant return.  We’ll have a minimum of 3 recovery chairs (they will, again, look very much like the plastic Adirondack chairs you see outside of Harris-Teeter) possibly a coffee table, perhaps complete with fitness related magazines.  Our whiteboard and leaderboards will probably mount on the front wall.

Kids Programming-  Jim K.  who currently administers the youth athletic development program that’s operated inside our doors for the last few years will likely maintain a similar if not identical schedule.  During the summer, kids may workout out during our 8-845 Open gym time, in which case we’d add additional Open Gym hours elsewhere.

Child care- The problem IS,  of course YOUR kids are great and well behaved, but if we accommodate them, we have to accommodate that guy’s kids who suck, or a snooty guest from Fairfield County brings their God Awful spawn and let’s them cry forever because that’s the way we do it in the north, etc etc.    As the website says (if you havent already done so, please go look at the site HERE. the gym’s not a great environment for kids, BUT if bringing your kids is your only option, we want you in the gym.  Just bring them some benadryl, or a violent, immersive video game etc to keep them sedated and/or occupied.

OK- WODS are


Tuesday-Primary  4×3 Squat.   Accessory 3×8 lunges for load.  Work-  for time.  30-20-10 Toes to bar, Burpees (last performed 4/21)

Wednesday- Primary 4×3 Bench Press.  Accessory 3×5-8 bar dips.  Work- 3 on, 1 off x5 rounds of 5 Pushups, 10 Situps, 15 Air Squats.  For reps.


Tuesday-  DT.   5rft of 12 Deadlifts/9 Hang Cleans/6 s20 @ 155/105

Wednesday- 1st- 4×3 Deadlift  2nd- 3×2 Pulls From 3″ deficit. 3×10 GHD Back extensions. Stretch, Roll and recover.


WOD for MONDAY 5-11-15. CFCB3.0@ MJ

May 11, 2015

First,  a note of gratitude.  I am very afraid of missing anyone, so please forgive me if I do so,  there were a lot of you and I was all over the place geographically and mentally.

Including the outdoor facility at the Wilmington Athletic Club, this is the 4th CrossFit venue I have had the pleasure of opening.  and CFCB3.0@MJ was by far the biggest and most challenging undertaking.  More square footage, more equipment more everything and all complicated by some measure of bad weather and the first multiple-day illness I’ve had in quite some time (more about that at the bottom of the post).

Special thanks as follows-

Ryan Perkins-  Our Chief Structural Engineer and Spirit of CrossFit award winner exceeded all expectations and directed the dismantling and reassembly of the pullup rig under difficult circumstances.

Ryan F, Zack P, Steve M-  Structural Engineers.  Assisted the mechanical aspects.  Steve and Ryan contributed tools as well.

Scott Shapiro–  “Borrowing” office supplies on a grand scale,  Scott “facilitated” a company moving van which was INVALUABLE especially in the rain.

Rick C-  Took it upon himself to travel to, load, travel back, and unload 25 floor mats at 100 lbs a piece.   This saved us at least an entire day.

Larry K- Directed the removal, transport and installation of our astroturf.  Quite smoothly, I must say!

Marcia M- Who dragged mats and went out of pocket on bathroom essentials.

Jade D- Who outfitted the bathrooms.

Kate S- Cleaned CFCB 2.0 just ahead of the exodus.

General assistance provided by Kathleen W. and husband Richard and son Thomas.  Brad C.  Joel Nau, Micah, Cameron, 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Jacqui D and husband John, 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and current pregnant girl Adelynn G, Todd S.  who christened 3.0 with its very first bar drop, Jill S. fresh off her successful completion of CrossFit’s Level 1 Certification program,  Vilija, our aesthetic coordinator,  Matt (measure once, cut once, why waste time)?) W.  Melisa, Glenn M.  Greg B. Amber R. all chipped in some muscle. (I know I’m missing some people from Saturday.  Please remind me below.)

Lastly,  A VERY HEARTFELT thank you to the venue owners, everyone’s favorite Wilson’s,  Andrea and Clark.  From the inception of this idea over a year ago, they have been phenomenal to work with.   You have always made us feel as if you are invested in our success,  and that is very appreciated!  We are looking forward to the next 4 years!!

About the facility:

You will immediately notice two things vs 2.0.  A large increase in open floor space, and the expansion of the pullup rig.  The latter has been harder than expected due to some measurement discrepencies.  Short version is, we have about 50% of the pullup bars available.  Tomorrow is pullup day in our strength bias programming, and you will be able to get your pullups in, but please pay attention as we caution you to which bars are acceptable and which are currently not.

There are 9 designated, and a few more ad-hoc spots in our parking lot which should be adequate for the majority of the class demand.  6am is a notable exception, but the Southern Sign Company is closed at that hour so you can park alongside the building.

Since floor space should no longer be an issue, our new policy going forward will be to keep the astroturf free of any and all bars and weights, dumbells and kettlebells. In the past we’ve had no problems with bumper plate contact on the Astroturf, but that was, in part, a concession to tight spacing.

Much of the mobile equipment will likely be placed differently from day to day, as we explore what arrangement best suits. Please bear with us during this experimental time.

New Equipment-  The aforementioned pullup rig.  The 2 matador dip stations, The ski-erg which will be assembled tomorrow.  We have some more 45lb bumpers on the way.  Three more variable height jump boxes, Two more 14 lb medballs. The jerk blocks are now stationed such that they are always accessible, bring our possible squat stations to 10!

OK,  your wod’s are


Primary- Pullup 4×3 for total load.  Jump your weights 5% vs sets of 5 to start with.  Accessory- Supine row 3x 5-8.  Work-  “DT”  5 Rounds for time 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Cleans, 6 Shoulder to Overheads @ 155/105.  DT is a barbell monster of overhead drops.  Scale as necessary for safety, but be ambitious.


4×3 Across Squat, Shoulder Press, Pullup.    Accessory- Squat: 4×1 @ Primary Load Perfect rep, 1 second pause.  Shoulder Press: single arm seated dumbell press 3x 5-8 r and l.  Pullup- 2×5 c2b Neutral grip Pullups.

Brief Sidebar:  If we’ve ever discussed  eating for performance and/or how I eat, I’ve talked about how I am largely grain and dairy avoidant.  One of my anecdotes in support of this plan is the fact that for years growing up and into my late twenties I suffered from an average of 2-3 significant colds a year, each one lasting a week to 10 days and each one being pretty debilitating.  When I phased out dairy products my colds reduced in frequency and severity and when I phased out grains they largely disappeared, such that in the last 5-6 years I haven’t had any illness more than mild cold symptoms for 24 hours.

Well, this past weekend starting Friday and still around as I write this on Sunday,  I’ve had an uncomfortably sore throat, congestion and muscle aches.  Looking at my diet over the same span (including thursday) uncharacteristically full of 1) beer (as I drink the stress of moving away) and 2) milk.  I bought organic milk to test out in my shakes, whereas I usually drink water or coconut milk.   I’m convinced the combination of the two inflammatory agents (milk and grain based alcohol) served to assist in making me sick for the first time in a long while.


Regular schedule resumes Monday 5-11 at the new facility. 5651 Carolina Beach Road.

May 9, 2015

All inspections passed, and we are up and running.  Prepare to drop weights from overhead many times in a row.


WODs for Thursday and Friday. Move Schedule Reminder.

May 7, 2015



4×5 Shoulder Press for total load

3×5 Push Press for load

Work- 3 RFT 15 reps Wallballs, Box Jumps, Power Snatches @ 95/65, OTB Burpees


4×5 Deadlift

3x 8-12 PVC Cobras

Work- 2 rounds for reps  3 Minutes per Action A) Heavy Rope B) Rope Climb C) Air Squats.  Running clock.  3 Minutes rest between rounds.  Score actions separately.



Work- 10 to 1  Hang squat Snatches @ 115/80.  1 rope climb between each round.  5 Burpee Penalty per dropped bar.


4×3 For Peak:  Squat and Shoulder Press

Accessory-  Double Dumbell Row (pullups).  3 attempts at a heavy SP single.  Rear Leg Elevated Lunges (Squat).

REMINDER, the last training session on Friday is the 1 pm,  After which I’m running a few last minute errands to prepare for the exodus to CFCB 3.0.  Gladly accepting all help starting at 5pm with a hard stop at 8pm no matter what.  Food and beer on site.

No Open Gym this weekend.  Move continues Saturday at 10 am.  Projecting a 1 pm conclusion and more food and beer.

I aim to make the move as fun as moving can be,  you are under no obligation to stay any longer than you damn well feel like.  All hands are useful and any time is appreciated.


Moving Schedule and WODS for M/T/W 5-4.5.6-15

May 4, 2015

So, with some good luck we are looking at moving the gym this coming weekend.  A tentative schedule is below.  I will update everyone as the week goes on.

As of Tuesday 5-5 we will celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the traditional Mexican way,  by beginning the dismantling of the pullup rack.  Mexican’s are known the world over for their hatred of pullups and toes to bar and while we have no members of Mexican descent,  we honor our neighbor to the south by respectfully observing their customs.  This is not a task that requires help, just be aware that the pullup rack  will possibly be unavailable after Monday.

Friday 5-8.  5 and 6 pm classes will be cancelled and at roughly 4 pm, we will begin the breakdown of the gym and possibly, depending on how fast we move, the loading of and transporting to our new location.  Food and booze provided.

Saturday 10am.  The process continues whether we are loading at the old place or unloading at the new.  Based on progress I will update you here and on the Facebook.

Sunday.  We SHOULD be done by then, with only mobile equipment to rearrange.  No help is needed but you are welcome to stop by and kick the tires, etc.

Please note that while I   am   looking for help;  moving a gym goes far beyond expectations.   No one should feel obligated in any way.   With 10-12 people the process of shoving everything into a truck and driving the 1 mile should take about 2 hours.  It will likely be slightly faster to unload it from truck to new location.   The pullup rig is the only part that’s complex.  The astroturf is the only single piece of equipment that’s likely to need more than 2 people to lift. Moving the Floor mats are a large portion of the work.

Food/Booze Friday night and Saturday day.  If you think it’s likely that you will pitch in, please rsvp and that’ll help me get enough to eat/drink.   Of course even if you didn’t rsvp and you find yourself with time on your hands one of those times, DO come on in.


Gold- this is your last week of 4×5.  Push hard.

Monday- 4×5 Pullup. 3×8 Bent Row.  Work-  400 m run.  21-15-9 Thrusters/Pullups.  400 m run.

Tuesday- 4×5 Squat.  4×1 Squat Singles.   Work- 3x Backwards tire drag x 4lengths for time.

Wednesday-  4×5 Bench Press. DB Tricep Extension 3×8.  Airdyne intervals 2 on 4 off x 3 for calories.

Black- You are now in the second phase.  4×3.  Same M-F scheme as the 4×5.

Monday- SP/Squat/Pullup 4×3 across.  Accessory:  Squat  3x Heavy Single.  Pullup 3×5 Negatives.  Shoulder Press 2x ME HSPU.

Tuesday- Work  3 rft 15 reps T2B, s20 @ 135/95, Box Jumps 24″, 20″, Hang Cleans 135/95.

Wednesday- 4×5 Deadlift.  3×12 PVC Cobras.  Stretch, roll, recover.