TEST OUT Week is HERE. Wods for the week. Next phase of programming discussed.

June 1, 2015

M-T-W are designated as your “Test out” days.   You can tackle your lifts in any order you like, but it makes sense to avoid testing actions with similar muscular demand on the same day.  For instance,  both the deadlift and the squat can put stress on your low back, and you may want to separate these lifts M and W.

In all cases, optimize your circumstances.  Take as much time as you need.  If you want a particular rack or bar, claim it.  A very good warmup pattern might be:  1 easy set of 10 reps.  a medium set of 5-6 reps,  a heavy set of 1-2 reps and then jump in.  A great place to start would be 5% heavier than your heaviest set of 3 reps.  If you’ve done singles AFTER sets of 3,  maybe start 2 lbs more than your heaviest single so you know you can get it,  and go from there.

I’m a big advocate of “get one in the bank before you go too big”.  Again, we expect 10 to 15% gains.  If you are in that ballpark in your singles, take a safety rep and then go for the moon.

Some logical options are below.

Back Squat and Pullup or Bench Press on Monday

Bench Press or Pullup or Shoulder Press Tuesday

Deadlift/ Shoulder Press Wednesday

In the time remaining on M-T-W  and the entirety of Th and F  you will choose any of the 5 work capacity tests listed below.  All are different in there respective demands, and should give us some good starting points for our next programming cycle. In the brackets are the primary demands for each workout.

The WODS are

A) 10 Rounds for time-  5 Tire flips/5-5m shuttle laps.  (Anaerobic Endurance. Some technical demand)

B) The Weeble-Wobble-  25 Back Squats 185/135, 25 Fronts Squats 135/95, 25 Overhead Squats 95/65, 25 Thrusters 95/65. (lHip Extension, Squat Familiarity)

C) CF Open WOD 14.4  60 calorie row, 50 toes to bar, 40 wallballs, 30 cleans 135/95, 20 muscleups.  The regionals WOD had a 14 minute cap.  For our purposes, we’ll let this go till the bitter end or until you miss 3 muscle up attempts.  (Mixed demand, muscle endurance under duress)

D) For Time  250 M row, 15 Burpees, 25 KB Swings, 15 Burpees, 250 M row.  (Threshold endurance.  Pain tolerance)

E) For Time.  25 bench press/ 50 pullups. Switch whenever you like.   Men- Bench press @ BW, Pullups C2B.  Women- Bench Press @ 70% BW, Chin above bar. (Upper body Strength.  Fatigue Management)

Looking ahead,  next week will be an additional 5 work capacity test, again with each athlete choosing his/her order from day to day,  Thereafter, we’ll roll into an 8 week cycle that will look something like this

M- Strength Preservation (two recurring weight lifting movements)

T- Intervals  (2 on 4 off x 5,  etc )

W- Metcon  (all shapes and sizes)

Th- Technique  ( The higher end Olympic and Gymnastics movements)

F- Strength Focused Metcon (barbell based, short, heavy work)

Additionally,  for the interested few, we will offer a concurrent 8 week olympic lifting cycle.  I’m doing it now.  It’s very repetitive and not nearly as much fun as CrossFit usually is, BUT if you’re Olympic lifts are weak  AND you have competitive ambitions, it might be worth biting the bullet.  I’m at the halfway point and prior to starting I’d get about 50% of my reps at 135 on the snatch.  Yesterday I went 4 for 4 at 145.  So, decent if not mind blowing improvement on a lift that I consistently struggle with.



  1. Wobble wobble is also known as SQUATASTIC!

    • Ha. I just searched for squatastic and didn’t find anything. Squat Mania on 8-9-13 actually has you commenting on how it should be called Squatastic!

  2. Shoulder press 160
    250 row 15 Burpees 25 KB 15 Burpees 250 row 4:35

  3. SP failed at 213 so so close. Retry on Wednesday. Previous PR 206
    Failed at +100 on Pull Ups. Previous +92. Will retry on Wednesday.
    WOD 50 bench press at BW (200) 50 C2B
    11:12** forgot C2B and did PU instead

  4. SP – +18lbs
    test in: 72
    test out: 90 – PR

    FS – +25lbs
    test in: 130
    test out: 155 – PR

    good day…

  5. DL – 235, up 40lbs from test in of 195
    SP – 82, up 9lbs from test in of 73
    Both PR’s. Yay!

    • The 40lbs is obvious, but honestly, BOTH those numbers are great jumps! Very cool!

  6. Front squat 345, test in was 285.
    Bench press 246, test in was 235. Still one of my weaker lifts.

    No WOD today.

  7. I tested pullups and FS today.

    Pullups – +2 skinny red bands (test in was +3 skinny red bands); I was close at +1 skinny red band, but not quite there yet.

    FS – 195lbs (test in was 165lbs) so +30lbs. I attempted 202lbs, but failed. I feel like I’m so close and can get this if I keep focused on this lift. Overall I felt really strong today. The bar didn’t feel heavy until I was at the bottom of the squat…sometimes it feels too heavy right off the rack before I even start to squat. I can’t wait to see what Jade does with FS so I can see how close (or far away) I am from her. 🙂

    • Wow!

  8. BS in- 150 out- 160

  9. BS 265lbs out/225lbs in

  10. Pull up
    In at BW 169
    238 lbs

    Out at BW 172.4
    262 lbs

    +25.5 lbs difference
    Gain of +10%

    Row, burpee, KB, burpee, row
    3:58 Rx

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