Test out day 2. Additional Programming Notes. Link to the Olympic Lifting 8 Week Program. Kids Program returns NEXT Monday! Please see schedule.

June 2, 2015

Please feel free to record your test out numbers in the comments below. So far, some very good numbers.  Shelby at 2x BW deadlift. April with her first pullup and Ryan P. makes the All Time Leaderboard with a 345 Front Squat. Many other PR’s.  Good Start!

As briefly discussed yesterday, as we start the next phase of programming, which will be more Work Capacity focused, we will reserve 1 day a week (probably Monday) for strength development.  Likely we’ll ask you to pick two lifts and we’ll program progressions similar to, if not exactly the same as the linear progression  4×8’s, 4×5’s 3×3’s that we just finished.   This is good news for those of you who came close to a given number (Kathleen’s 200 lb FS, Kate’s 2x BW deadlift, etc) but narrowly missed.

Some of you have asked after the Olympic Cycle that will be an option. The link to the exact program is HERE.  There’s an explanation at the top and then the entire 40-something days of programming scrolls out beneath.    The set/rep/weights may be a little confusing on the page.  Feel free to ask any questions.

And understand the following:  (I’m paraphrasing an article I saw recently)  I’m a big fan of the lifts, you;d be hard pressed to find another single movement with so many athletic attributes (power strength, speed, flexibility, balance and accuracy) packed in.  So we get a lot of bang for the buck in the snatch and the clean and jerk.  BUT…To get generally fit,  even very fit, you need NEVER do any olympic lifting.  And there are compelling reasons not to do so,  or at least not to push into loads that might make you miss.  There are other (slower, probably) ways to address all these concerns.  That said,  if you have competitive ambitions in CrossFit, and that can be just a local show or it can be “Go to the Games”,  you MUST develop these tools to a passable degree.  They are ALWAYS tested.

Lastly,   The Carolina Beach Athletic Development kids classes return next monday, June 8th.  For the duration of Summer Break kids classes will be held from 8 to 845 Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This will preempt Open Gym on those days, so please make a note.   Tuesday and Thursday 8am open gym will remain intact,  MWF Open gym will move to 2-245.



  1. Back Squat 336 PR. Test in 305

  2. Lift. In/out
    BS 295/325
    SP. 155/170PR
    PU. 279(+100)/291(+112)PR
    DL. 305/405PR

  3. CGBP: + 15lbs
    test in: 105
    test out: 120 – PR

    I got 120 last week for 1, but only 118 today. The 2 matches that I played in between last week and today might have messed with this?

    test in: couldn’t do one
    test out: still can’t do one

  4. Shoulder Press test out 176. Test in was 155. I can live with that.

  5. Shoulder Press test out was 101lbs (+16lbs) from test in @85lbs. I thought for sure I could get 106lbs, but missed at 2 attempts and barely got the 101lbs. Something to work towards, but I know without a doubt that doing the SP strength cycle ALWAYS improves my wallballs so a gain even if I didn’t reach the test out # I wanted.

    Work (row/burpee/KB) – 7:14 (we did this similar work with 0.5 AD instead of the row and it took me 9:27 so clearly the row is an easier action for me).

  6. Bench press

    Out 250

    Was doing the black program in the beginning and didn’t test in. Switched to gold during the 2nd 5 set week.

    10 RTF
    5 Tire flip/5 5m shuttle run laps
    Took laps as meaning “Down and back = 1 rep”

  7. SP in 135lbs / out 146 lbs…….PU in 160bw + 70lbs / out 165bw + 87lbs

    • DL 366lbs – did not test in (1lb PR) did finally break 200lbs over body weight.

  8. Bench In: 130 Out: 145 (+15)
    Pull-ups In: BW[141]+43 = 184 Out: BW[155]+48 = 203 (+19)
    Front Squat In: 195 Out: 201 (+6) *not today though, that was a couple weeks ago

    Row/burp/kbs/burp/row= 4:39 PR by 1 second

    • Deadlift fail. Test in 255 test out 285

      25 bench at 70% BW (108) and pull-ups in 7:11

      10 min rest

      Attempt at 10 RFT with the tire flips and shuttle run.
      Did 4 rounds in 9:22 and stopped. Jill (the tire) was too much for me today.

      • Did the CF open workout but subbed Ab Mat sit-ups (planned to do T2B, but my forearms are SHOT) and ring dips
        It took me over 5 mins to get the 20 ring dips in…

  9. Bench 95 in 106 out. pr!
    pullups. 1 band out. 2 bands in. i shake my weak little fists at you, pull ups!

  10. Andrea
    SP: in – 95; out – 115 (really happy with this)
    PU: in – +27; out – +40
    FS: in – 160; out – 185

  11. Pull ups BW 200 +77. Test in +92
    Deadlift 336 test in 355. (Back PAIN)
    Bench 265 no test did BLACK program

  12. Pull-ups – in: bw 124+20(144)
    Out: bw 127+26(153)
    Front squat in: 115, out: 135

  13. Clean:
    test in: 125 – shitty
    test out: 125 – pretty

    I finally got under the bar and had good form! Thanks for your help today Jill!

  14. DL 450 – test in was 435
    I attempted 475 but my progress was sabotaged by my aura of doubt and negativity.

    Could not get a single muscle up today. The failed attempt at my DL crushed what spirit I had left. And my toe hurt.

    I did do a WOD, sort of. I did 14.whatever but substituted bar dips for muscle ups after a few more failed attempts. Time was 23:something.

  15. Standard DL test out = 266lbs; +21 lbs from test in @ 245lbs. I was hoping for more, but I failed at 276 with three attempts (the last attempt at Sumo just to see if that would make a difference). My all time PR was 275 from a few years ago when I weighed less and came to the gym religiously 5-6 days a week.
    I love watching everyone test out!!!

  16. Lift In/out
    BS 275/315 PR
    SP. 155/185 PR
    PU. 275(+90) / 304(+121) PR
    DL. 390/425

  17. Lift Out 1RM/In 1RM Change % diff
    Pullups 315/296 19 6.42%
    FSquats 290/265 25 9.43%
    Bench 245/235 10 4.26%
    ShPrs 180/155 25 16.13%
    Deadlift 405/375 30 8.00%
    OHS 215/200 15 7.5 %

    • Great Job

    • You are the man Ryan!

  18. Shoulder Press
    In 145
    Out 155
    Disappointed with this minor gain (PR is 165)

    25 bench press @ BW/50 C2B

  19. 25 bp / 50 pu: 7:54 @ 85 lbs (60%)
    10 rnds 5 tire flips/5m shuttle: 12:57

  20. 25 BP 50 C2B 10:30 (palm ripped with 18 to go…not a fan of the waxed PU bars)… Tire flip shuttle run 11:32 (wore the skin off my knuckles on the AstroTurf)…..rough day on the hands!!!

  21. Thursday
    WOD 14.4
    Rx until bar muscle ups. Got 3 of them but then slipped off the bar due to sweat and humidity. Scaled the last 17 MU to standard dips.

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